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Jennifer Hutchison Taylor is a herbal therapist, physiologist, author, doula, and reiki practitioner who helps women rediscover their feminine beauty and find the complete path to healing. As the founder of Beauty in Bloom, her mission is to promote generational wellness by providing natural, sustainable, and holistic health solutions for women. While herbs are the main tools that she uses, she combines this modality with superfood nutrition, spiritual guidance, and her rich biological sciences background to teach a powerful and revolutionary approach to holistic health. Check out her course on living holistically at bit.ly/mylifecourse

6 Ways to Spice Up Your Meal Prep with Flavor

Meal prepping is a huge “thing” nowadays. And I see why. It’s perfect for the busy mom, the-on-the-go millennial and the food-conscious body builder. Prepping your meals is also a great way to start changing your relationship with food if… 0 Shares |

Why Having A Supercharged Sense of Smell is Key to a Healthier Relationship with Food

Take a minute, close your eyes, and imagine you are in a grocery store. You are walking over to the produce section, and you see a rainbow of colors. Wow, gorgeous pineapples, bananas, peaches, and mangoes are on the shelves.… 0 Shares |