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I am a lecturer, researcher and consultant in Exercise and Nutrition field and lately a mother too. My babyfood blog is my way to help parents find scientific sources of information on infant, baby, toddler, children and mothers nutrition. http://elliebabyfood.blogspot.gr/

Baby led weaning: Evidence to date

Baby led weaning (BLW) is a method  to introduce solids to infants. In this method babies are introduced straight to hand-held foods rather than being spoon-fed when they start solids. We have to clear that weaning means the gradual introduction… 0 Shares |

Let’s breastfeed! Or not?

Surprisingly in 2016 this is still a question for many moms to be.  Free and limitless exposure to information is not enough to convince parents how to handle new situations. The first attempt to make a milk blend that human… 0 Shares |