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A science enthusiast with a keen interest in health nutrition, Antonia has been intensely researching various dieting routines for several years now, weighing their highs and their lows, to bring readers the most interesting info and news in the field. While she is very excited about a high raw diet, she likes to keep a fair and balanced approach towards non-raw methods of food preparation as well. (http://www.rawfoodhealthwatch.com/)

Food is not your enemy – make friends with it and reap the positive benefits

Think ice cream is unhealthy? Consider this (the final statement in this article): “So if it is your desire, then get the ice cream and enjoy it fully, from a place of happiness and alignment. Food is never your enemy,… 0 Shares |

Change your mood by changing your attention

If you find yourself in a lousy mood, did you know you can change it in virtually an instant? Not to downplay the slings and arrows of modern life, but it is absolutely true that where your attention goes, there… 0 Shares |

Studies show omega-3 fatty acids help with ADHD, memory, and moods

The connection between the foods we eat and how we feel is not anything new, however, recent studies are showing great promise that they can have a far greater effect than previously thought. In particular, omega-3 fatty acids have taken… 0 Shares |

Finding the fountain of youth – or the closest thing to it

In an era when even people in their twenties are seeking Botox treatments and expensive skin care regimens, it is clear that our culture is obsessed with youth. The societal implications of this notwithstanding, let’s focus on the positives: people… 0 Shares |

Keys to happiness – unlock the door to the secrets of joy

According to Abraham Lincoln, “most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” While that might seem simplistic, it is definitely based on solid evidence, if you compare it with psychological theory today. Psychologists have been… 0 Shares |

Five ways lemons can boost your health

Beautiful, bright yellow and incredibly tart, lemons are not known as something that you eat all by itself. However, this small fruit is packed with nutrients that can boost your health in multiple ways. The lemon is the smallest in… 0 Shares |

Dandelion greens fight inflammation, show anti-cancer properties in studies

Folklore says that blowing the seeds off a dandelion is said to carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one. It might come as a surprise to some people to discover that dandelion greens aren’t just pretty looking plants… 0 Shares |

Self-love and acceptance trumps diet for lasting change

“When you call yourself fat, you should be offended.” If you find yourself, like millions of others, in a place in life where you desperately want to lose weight, you have tried a dozen (or a hundred) diets, you have… 0 Shares |

Studies say dark chocolate has multiple health benefits

If you are looking for a sweet treat after a long day, skip the pint of ice cream and grab a bar of rich, dark chocolate. Not only will it make your sweet tooth happy, your body will also reap… 0 Shares |

Weird, wacky yet effective ways to deal with constipation

When you are struggling with constipation, it can really put a damper on your life. It’s painful, frustrating, and can sap you of all of your energy. Over the counter laxatives are what most people turn to first in their… 0 Shares |