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I am a Breast Cancer Survivor who devoted my life to researching cancer and developing a natural way to optimize my health. My hope is to share my knowledge and help others overcome their health issues, creating balance within the body. I started with conventional treatment for cancer, turned down the second half of treatment to focus on building my immune system by using natural treatments. I am now healthy and fee of cancer! I can be found at Anncredible.com

The Age of Resistance- Saying No to Chemotherapy and Radiation

I get emails every day from people asking me advice about cancer, treatment, and getting healthy.  And much to the shock of many, I have mentioned that I would not have the same cancer treatment if I were to go… 0 Shares |

Top 3 Things That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss- and How To Fix It

Do you wonder why you’re not losing weight, even though you’re eating right and exercising?  Do you feel tired and fatigued all the time?  Do you have Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Type 2 Diabetes, or other health condition?  This article may be… 0 Shares |