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Master Herbalist and researcher since 1983. My husband and I live in Spring Valley, CA. We grow herbs, Moringa trees, and organic vegetables along with a flock of ducks and lop rabbits. I love writing and sharing knowledge about herbs and alternative medicine with my readers. I write for my business blog, Yahoo Voices, and now this new blog here. I look forward to this new writing opportunity.

Are Thyroid and Endocrine Imbalances Causing Your Depression and Mood Swings?

Are Thyroid and Endocrine Imbalances Causing Your Depression and Mood Swings?  You  don’t just want a prescription, you want answers.  Is there a physical reason for this depression that makes you feel so bad?  Yes, in many cases there are… 0 Shares |

10 Nutritional Deficiencies That Cause Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression and mood disorders  are devastating health problems today.  When you go to your doctor, their answer is often a prescription for one of the various popular anti-depressant  drugs.  Many doctors do not investigate for metabolic or nutritional deficiencies that… 0 Shares |

Is St John’s Wort Safe and Effective For Depression and Anxiety.

St John’s Wort is one of the most popular herbal supplements for depression and anxiety. Is St. John’s Wort a valid alternative medicine for anxiety and depression? Since depression affects millions of Americans, this is an important question. Depression takes… 0 Shares |

Can St. John’s Wort and Prescription Drugs for Depression Be Taken At the Same Time?

There are over 27 million people in the US taking prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, and other health issues. Over 50% of these drugs are not used to treat depression but other health problems such as back pain, nerve pain,… 0 Shares |

Alternative Medicine Review

Hi Folks, Alternative Medicine Review is honored to be apart of Natural News Blogs. Since there are so many great blogs here, Why is it important for you to read Alternative Medicine Review over the coming weeks?  The goal of… 0 Shares |