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The Origin of the Constellation of Libra

The Origin of the Constellation of Libra The Libra constellation is the only constellation in the Zodiac not represented by a living creature. Instead, a set of scales is anthropomorphized to represent justice, fairness, balance, and equality. So how did… 0 Shares |

The Origin of the Ares Constellation

Ares is a unique constellation. Although this constellation is consistently revered with anger, irrationality, and conquest it nevertheless has an origin that mysteriously intertwines a great Ram. So why does this constellation symbolize war? And what are the origins of… 0 Shares |

A History of Virgo: The Virgin Constellation

Virgo is often times recognized in conjunction with virginity. What does this mean? Why of all the constellations does Virgo represent innocence? As we go into detail to under the origins of the Virgo constellation we will begin to uncover… 0 Shares |

The History of the Pisces Constellation

As we undergo the study of our unique constellation and horoscope we naturally dig deeper into the past. As we dig we discover the origin of our constellation and how it came to be. Cultures all around the world recognized… 0 Shares |

The Origin of the Aquarius Constellation

Each constellation is unique to its rule over the night sky. Commonly referred to as “houses” each constellation presents not just Earth but us as people with an energetic influence that can be observed and even predicted as each house… 0 Shares |

The Legend of the Leo Constellation

How do constellations come to be? Who put them there? Each one of us knows our horoscope and what constellation we fall under but rarely acknowledge their origin and why they are so powerfully intertwined with our daily lives. Lions… 0 Shares |

Soul Cleansing with Crystal Meditation

For the last two thousand years, and several thousand years before, crystals have been used in collusion with energetic cleansing and physical rehabilitation. Knowledge carried from the survivors of the destruction of Atlantis to the people of the America’s, Egypt,… 0 Shares |

Agorism and the Agorist Ideology

What is Agorism? Agorism is defined as a libertarian social philosophy that advocates creating a society based upon voluntary exchanges as a means of counter-economics thus slowly engaging in a form of peaceful revolution. Although a great idea, the ideology… 0 Shares |

Chemtrails VS Contrails

A contrail, short for condensation trail, is formed when the cold air in the atmosphere mixes with the heat created from the exhaust of most aircraft. The cold air is rapidly heated than cooled when pushed through the turbines. The… 0 Shares |

Three Sisters: Growing Beans, Corn, and Squash

As spring gets closer families are beginning gardening projects that not only bring them together but also provide nutritional balance. Such gardens include vegetables that complement one another also known as companion gardening. As of late indoor gardens, small gardens,… 0 Shares |