Astrology: Pseudoscience or Guide?


Both. Quantum Physics, Holistic Health, Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, etc.) and any “way of knowing” that challenges the traditional landscape of knowledge—and those who control it—is often regarded as pseudoscience. What people often miss about Astrology, especially when they read horoscopes for entertainment, is that Astrology is about much more than Sun signs. For example, every person has EVERY sign in his or her birth chart. For a learned Astrologer, other sign placements, such as Moon sign and Venus sign, are just as important to look at as the Sun sign. This little rundown provides just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to studying Astrology.

If we look at Astrology from a logical perspective, it makes sense that the energies of planets and constellations have some effect on earth and its inhabitants; that’s basic magnetic field stuff. Of course, these energies are up to interpretation when applied, but Astrology is not devoid of statistics and serious research.

A huge problem with Astrology, however, is that far too many “Astrologers” have used the term synonymously with the word “psychic,” when nothing could be further from the truth. Astrology can never accurately predict even a single outcome, it only indicates an influence, a trend, or energy that can be used as insight or for awareness. Interestingly enough, Quantum Physics scientists run into the same problem with prediction when context and consciousness are put into laboratory research.

One of the most renowned—and professional—modern Astrologers is Robert Hand, and he holds a PhD in Medieval History. His Astrology books and academic papers have been widely published, and he is noted for his work in positioning Astrology as an academic discipline. You won’t find Robert Hand claiming psychic ability, but rather rigorous Astrological study that intersects history, society, and psychology. One of the pioneers of psychology, Carl Jung, who studied with and then challenged many of the notions of Freud, was also a professional, academic proponent of Astrology, which he viewed as a valuable system of symbols and archetypes for psychological growth and awareness.

The University of Wales offers an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and there are other accredited academic programs with Astrological studies in parts of the world other than the U.S. However, Astrology is a recognized area of study and practice for Jungian, Analytical, and Depth psychology studies in the U.S.

If we take a look at the intersection of Astrology and health, interesting elements emerge. If, for example, a natal or birth chart has the sign of Virgo in the sixth house along with the Moon, psychosomatic energies will be influential in that particular chart. Virgo is a sign related to health and critical analysis, while the Moon’s energies are about change, sensitivity, and emotions. If we find these energies in the sixth house, which is the house of health, it’s easy to see how this can correspond to psychosomatic tendencies for an individual.

This “psychosomatic” tendency, however, would not be viewed as deterministic by a professional Astrologer, but rather as a tool for insight. Astrologically indicated or not, psychosomatic tendencies can lead to an incredible awareness of the body and then used for fine-tuning personal health. This is but one placement in a huge sea of possibilities when it comes to interpreting a natal chart, which, at minimum, is based on  calculations of the exact time, date, and place of birth.

Whether or not to utilize Astrology as a guide for insight and psychological awareness is a personal decision. If your body tells you that ginseng supplements and exercise via an elliptical aren’t the right choices for you and your body, then listen to your body and intuition. If, on the other hand, your body tells you to consume more protein and stretch, then listen to it! The key is to recognize the difference between cravings and mind-body-spirit communication. If your mind tells you that Astrology isn’t going to provide you any insight, then listen to it, but if your worldview feels open to Astrology as a form of personal insight, then listen to that as well! The key is to recognize that planetary influences are never deterministic, and any “professional” who tells you so is full of bunk.


About the Author: Jennifer Hollie Bowles is a widely published multi-genre writer.  She offers unique services via Holistic Nook. Join her on December 6, 2014 for a Holistic Writing Workshop at San Diego Writers, Ink.

Jennifer Hollie Bowles
Jennifer Hollie Bowles is a blissed-out Momma and Wife. She offers natural beauty, holistic health, and metaphysical products at Bliss Emporium. Jennifer is also a widely published writer of many genres.