On a base level – Everything is vibrational energy. Nothing is solid or still and everything is constantly moving and in flux. This includes us as humans as well as the earth itself and everything on it.

The “Scale of Consciousness” measures where we are on the ascenionary (if that is a word) scale. In other words  how “Awake” and “Self aware” we are. The scale spans from 0 to 1000+ (0 being a level of hate and humiliation and non awareness and 1000 being enlightenment and pure consciousness)

Collectively, we all vibrate (on an average) in the low 200’s. Some of course are much higher, and some are lower. Right about 200 is the level of truth – where you are able to discern truth from falsehood as stated by David R. Hawkins, PhD M.D./Author. This scale and more information on it can be found in his book Transcending the Levels of Consciousness.

This scale is meant as a tool, not a competition. We are all exactly where we need to be at any moment – safe and divinely protected.

We are vibrational light beings (souls) having a human experience………. We came to this planet to experience the contrast available here – joy/sadness, anger/ happiness, good / evil and so on. In oneness it’s pure bliss. While this is ideal it is not as easy to learn or grow under this condition as you aren’t being pushed.

We are here on earth experiencing life and interacting with other souls. Some of these souls you know from previous lives, and some of which you have agreed to incarnate again with to learn from that particular soul, or vice versa……

We are here at this time, in all of this chaos, because we have chosen to be.

We are shedding lifetime upon lifetime of held on to karma and baggage in order to finally be free (and revel in our true selves our I AM presence). As we release these layers, we get lighter and lighter spiritually.

We are able to take in more light energetically from the Universe and become more at peace more ONE with everything.

This is where the term “Ascension” comes into play. As you get “lighter” and your spiritual closet gets cleaned out, you begin to raise your vibration personally. When one of us does that, it helps all of us collectively raise up on that scale the rest of us and the planet as well. It’s like adding one more helium filled balloon to the bunch.

Ascension is very personal and individual. Everyone will experience it differently. We are all here to assist and help one another. This releasing of old energy often will present physical symptoms as well. This process isn’t painless or easy to go through and it takes time, often years.

Many people will equate this with The Matrix… That movie wasn’t all that far off…. Reality is an illusion, an intricate fun beautiful one. You make of reality what you choose, and your perspective is everything.

I consider this “Earth school”.

We get these human vessels and are here in class to learn. What a school it is too… the 3D graphics are incredible!

As for materialism…. “Things” are just that. Sure they are fun, great to have, and you should enjoy them, but they are all borrowed from the Universe.
Nothing is really “mine”.
They aren’t what’s important.
Connection to one another is.

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