Artichoke – How Does This Green Food Contribute to Weight Loss?


If you want to lose weight, then include artichoke in your diet. This tasty vegetable has a wide variety of beneficial effects and also aids weight loss due to its fat burning effect. Plus, artichoke is also a good source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron, potassium, magnesium, amino acids and flavonoids.

How does artichoke help to weight loss?

Artichoke has four ways to help you lose weight: super low in calorie, rich in fiber, fat burning effect and diuretic effect.

1) It’s low in calorie, there is only 22 calories per 100 grams.

2) It’s an excellent source of fiber, according to the USDA, 1 cooked artichoke(about 120 grams) gives you 10.3 grams of dietary fiber. And there is strong evidence that dietary fiber intake assists with weight loss.

3) Cynarin is an important component in artichoke which increases secretion of bile acids. Bile acids has a fat burning and diuretic effect, for preventing water retention in the body.

4) Artichoke is also a natural laxative, it helps removing toxins and waste from the body, thus assisting weight loss.

Other benefits of artichoke:

Antioxidant value
Fresh artichokes have a lot of antioxidant value such as quercetin and rutin, both of which are helpful in fighting off illness, including heart disease as well as some kinds of cancer.

As a liver tonic

It has been known as a liver tonic for centuries, and it protects and regenerates the liver. Many studies have documented its potential to help people with chronic liver disease.

It stimulates digestion
Like some other green plants such as parsley, artichoke is also a great digestion aid, this is due to its rich dietary fiber content.

Against potassium deficiency
For people who are taking some kinds of anti-hypertensive drugs, artichoke can be a way to hedge against a potential potassium deficiency.

Good for brain
Adequate vitamin-K levels in the diet help limiting neuronal damage in the brain, and artichoke is one of the good sources for vitamin K (12% of DRI).

Now you know the health benefits of this green food, why not add it in your plate? To get the most out of this and other green plants in your diet, the best way is to use the freshest produce. You can add the artichoke to dips, salads and sandwiches for an overall health boost.


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