Arise from the Ashes of Hope and Change


Two parts of a whole there is no dichotomy

Diametrically opposed they thrive symbiotically

They have different means to the ultimate goal

The effects are heavy to contemplate, the finality, the toll


The loss of our home, our freedom, our principles

To this we have become — all to susceptible

Liberty the illusion who’s image has shattered

Before the patriots who gave and gathered


Our morals, our values, continually battered

The sick and depraved are exalted and flattered

We’ll smash your facade, expose your venality

We reject your imprisonment, imposed reality


In the face of tyranny and domestic duplicity

It’s our right, our duty, utter responsibility

To challenge false ideals, challenge authenticity

Question the greater good, attack vulnerability


Once again a Brave New World, CHANGE has come

You must examine the parts to realize the sum

We have withstood all we could but have become numb

I see something setting, it’s in motion, it isn’t the sun


Forego optimism, it’s shallow, overly trite

Many problems, no solutions, no end in sight

Question boldly, without fear, then into the night

Capture the truth, when you grasp it, hold onto it tight


A dictatorship, totalitarianism, a despotic future

The mending of souls, impossible, without a suture

It’s inevitable I assure you, it’s fixed, it’s fated

It’s imminence, is immanent, not to be belated


It’s dire, we’re weak, done through attrition

Dominated by dominance, tapping, submission

By owning our complacency, hope has arisen

Breaking the chains, the bondage, it’s our decision


The fight, it’s imperative, not overstated

Our guilt, our grief, transubstantiated

Into tangible substance, new hopes, new dreams

Propelling us onward, mending the seams