Are you missing these vital nutrients that contribute to health?


Ok, I have to be careful about my wording on this page. I used to provide this same recipe about a decade ago, but there was a problem with it. I used a phrase which was apparently a “trademarked phrase.” They seemed like regular words to me but they were trademarked and I wasn’t allowed to use them. Why? Because there is a company (several now) that sell products that achieve the same result as the recipe below, but at a much higher cost and without using whole foods, and they jumped on that term and copyrighted it. I received a stack of papers in the mail and that was enough to make me run off with my tail between my legs, and I stopped sharing this recipe. But now I finally understand the “terms” so I’m back and I’m excited to share this valuable information with you today!

My name is Antonia and I am what you might call a “natural health nut.” I enjoy learning about what the planet and nature has provided for us and I am irked that we’ve moved so far from it. I aim to learn as much as I can and share this information with my two young children (at a minimum) in hopes that they carry it on and stay “connected” to what’s real and what is natural. My 3 year old son and 4 year old daughter consume “green smoothies” daily and can’t wait till the blender stops spinning so they can get their “juice” as they call it. They also love nature walks and have a decent knowledge of wild edibles for their age.

Below is a similar story to those that you have probably heard from being in the inner “health” circles

There are certain foods, natural foods, that are no longer part of the common diet, which have properties that are “essential” … meaning that they contain properties that MUST come from the diet. The body doesn’t produce them on it’s own. And of course, someone created a product that has them all, which is great, but does it really need to cost that much?

I was actually in an herbal store when I first heard of this product. The owner of the store (Peter) and I came from the back when we heard the jingle of the bell on the front door of the shop. I was in the back because he was showing me some of the stuff he was brewing; because since I was asking so many questions, he figured he’d just show me. The person who entered the shop was a salesman with this “new amazing product that will make you rich!” Coming from the back with Peter, I think, made the salesman believe I worked there, and since there was no one else in the store he started talking candidly about the product.

He said things like “this product is flying off the shelf,” “people are forced into a continuity program,” “we’re not allowed to discuss the major healing properties of it but we can allude to it,” and so on. I was about to excuse myself but when I heard “healing properties” I jumped in and asked… “what is it?”

He said… “this powder contains stuff the body needs but that isn’t readily available.” He said they were “sugars” and they were “essential.” I asked, couldn’t the same “sugars” be found in foods? He turned slightly more towards Peter to box me out of the conversation and quickly said, “not any foods that we have access to.”

Him and Peter went on to talk about the mass amounts of money that could be achieved when getting this into the hands of Peter’s already established customer base. Peter’s eyes lit up with dollar signs. That marked the last day I would enter that shop, but it also put me on a mission to find out more about these elusive sugars, and I decided I would find out what foods had them, and source the foods, and share the “recipe” with people on a massive scale. I hated the idea of someone profiting from something they didn’t deserve to profit from, especially when I felt there were cheaper more natural ways. Sure, they may have been helping people, but some weren’t in a position to pay the amounts needed, any they didn’t even have to!

I spent the next few days researching and digging deep into it and I finally came up with the recipe. I was ready to show the world! At that time, the largest place I knew to share it was eBay. I sold the recipe for $10 and 100’s of people got this information in their hands and were extremely thankful. I learned that a lot of them found it by looking for “alternative to {trademarked term},” because they just couldn’t afford it but felt very much like this was the missing element for their health. I was happy to provide a much cheaper alternative using whole foods. Then I got the letter and reluctantly shut it all down.

Now, you know about the macronutrients right? Fats, Proteins, and Carbs. There are “essential fats” that must come from diet. Same with “essential proteins or amino acids” that must come from diet. This recipe is about the final “essential”… carbohydrates, or sugars, or polysaccharides, or glyconutrients (complex sugars, sugars that are not sweet). There are eight of them.

What do the glyconutrients do?

In short these sugars “communicate” with the cells. The white blood cells, for example, play a role in immunity. They are meant to attack foreign invaders, but if they don’t have the “intelligence” from the “essentials” (polysaccharides) they cannot do their job. Sometimes they “think” they are doing their job and they attack the wrong “stuff” (auto-immune). Other times they don’t see a real invader as a threat and they leave it to do it’s dirty work. That’s a breakdown of the immune system potentially creating illness and disease. But as I always say, your body can “heal” given the right “tools.”

You already get your healthy fats I am assuming. Foods like fish and algae (for DHA) and chia seeds and avacodoes have those. Plus, you’re getting the protein I’m guessing. Foods like hemp seed, bean sprouts and meat have the amino acids you are after, some being a complete source of all the essentials in one food.

Now, how to achieve the essential carbs? There are actually foods available that have them all. All-in-one foods include bovine colostrum and chaga mushroom. In fact, the colostrum’s label says “A complete protein containing all essential Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Glyconutrients.”

What are the names of the sugars?

The eight essential carbohydrates or sugars are Glucose, Fucose, Xylose, Mannose, Galactose, N-Acetylneuraminic Acid, N-Acetylgalactosamine, and N-Acetylglucosamine.

Finally, the recipe…

You could find these foods locally or online. Check out health food stores, natural aisles and herbal shops. These aren’t, in most cases, standard foods. We as humans fell out of practice with harvesting, preparing and consuming many of these. But a lot are available to us now in powdered form. You could either buy loose powders and make your own capsules or buy them already in capsules to save some time. Loose powders can also be incorporated into the diet in smoothies.

Storage: Most powdered products stored in a cool, dry, dark place (like a cupboard) are said to last several years. Each product will vary. Your mileage will vary.

Dosage: People generally take 1 capsule of each of the powders, 1-3 times a day. Check with the label, or a qualified practitioner to see what is the right amount for you.

Glyconutrient Food Sources Recipe

Aloe Powder (contains mannose)
Fenugreek Powder (contains mannose and galactose)
Red Marine Algae Capsules aka Dumontiaceae (contains n-acetylgalactosamine)
Kelp Seaweed Granules (contains fucose, xylose, mannose, galactose and glucose)
Lecithin Granules (enhances absorption of GlycoPowder)
Psyllium Husks (contains xylose)
Shark Cartilage (contains n-acetylglucosamine and n-acetylgalactosamine) – not vegan
Shiitake Mushroom Powder (contains n-acetylglucosamine and mannose)
Whey Powder (contains n-acetylneuraminic acid) – not vegan

A science enthusiast with a keen interest in health nutrition, Antonia has been intensely researching various dieting routines for several years now, weighing their highs and their lows, to bring readers the most interesting info and news in the field. While she is very excited about a high raw diet, she likes to keep a fair and balanced approach towards non-raw methods of food preparation as well. (