Arctic Apples – A New GMO Breed Not Made By Nature


Did we not learn anything from the tale of Snow White? If a stranger offers, no – pushes, a crazy perfect looking shiny apple on you – DO NOT EAT IT!

These new genetically modified fruits being marketed as “Arctic apples”
accompany the ad campaign:
“The perfect fruit just got better”
Yummy, good for us, varieties galore. We all love apples! Until they turn brown, that is. Arctic® apples are everything you love about apples, without the “yuck” factor that you don’t.

They may indeed taste “yummy”, but are they really good for you? Will an apple a day still keep the doctor away? Or will it cause you more health problems than you can imagine leading to extra time and money spent on medical care?

They claim that foods created through biotechnology are safe and good for you, when the fact is they just do not have the proof to back that up. There has not been enough elapsed time or testing. It has been shown in scientific testing that GMO foods in general cause a huge array of health problems including, but not limited to:

-cancerous cell growth
-immune damage
-enlarged liver
-blood cell changes
-flu like symptoms
-chronic fatigue
-decreased digestive ability
-respiratory tract issues
-severe allergic reactions
-birth defects
-lowered nutrition absorption
-overall body toxicity

Please click here for a full list of health risks

What makes an Arctic Apple different from any other apple?
They have turned off a gene, which causes the apple to brown once bitten into or sliced.

Do we not want food to decay? It is intended to break down and be digestible. Food is not intended to remain in a permanent state of inanimate suspension. Though you would never know that when viewing 10-year-old French fries or burgers, which look the same as the day they were cooked.

The trend towards faux food in America is disturbing. Many American’s eat a diet based in prepackaged, pre-prepared, processed, nutrition void foods – do we really need to add fruits and vegetables to that list? This is a seriously slippery slope. If we take nature out of our food supply, what we will be left with are nutrient deficient sick bodies we have no ability to repair naturally.

Have we become so conditioned by advertising that we believe pretty food is better than natural healthy food? When restaurants or food suppliers do commercials or magazine ads the food shown often times isn’t even food. It maybe plastic, or sprayed with shellac or even painted to look “more appealing”. Have you noticed that the menu pictures are almost never what is served?

Can we really trust the FDA to protect us from the potential dangers of GMO foods? Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton CN, authors of RICH FOOD POOR FOOD, point out that the FDA’s pattern is to wait until something goes wrong before they pull a product from store shelves, much like they did with DDT, Fen Phen, leaded paint and so many other items that later proved to be a major health hazard.

We need to fight back against GMO Apples (and other GMO fruits and vegetables).
There is no current labeling to protect consumers from accidentally ingesting GMO foods if they choose not to. The apple is only the tip of the iceberg. The Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. Inc. is already growing the GMO “rose pineapple” and more than 30 crops are waiting in line for approval.

”I’ll just buy Organic” you may be thinking…
Tainted apples will still be labeled “organic” by the FDA even though GMO pollen drifting on the wind can cross-pollinate with the apples in the organic orchard down the road—or be carried to the next town on bees.

The best thing we can do it stand up to Monsanto, Del Monte and other corporations who value profit over health.

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