Arachnoiditis, Another Disease Super-Nutrition and Kratom Help


Arachnoiditis is your worst nightmare. The only thing good that can be said about it is that it is, in many cases, easily avoided. Prevention, once you learn how, is always the best treatment for terrible chronic diseases such as this.


As it is with many physician-caused diseases, arachnoiditis is generally minimized and downplayed by the medical profession that may have caused it with their choice of procedures that have other, safer alternatives.  


The sad fact is that adhesive arachnoiditis remains a contentious diagnosis, which may reflect the medical profession’s reluctance to acknowledge this largely iatrogenic condition.” —


Our body is, to put it bluntly, a delicate organism. As well-trained in the names for every body part and possible condition the human body may suffer, our medical profession — proud though they are — are no match when it comes to reconstructing our body, especially in cases where they may have inadvertently injured it in the first place.


What Is Arachnoiditis – and Why Should I Care?


Arachnoiditis is an inflammation of one of the tissues that form a protective barrier around our spinal nerves.


You should care to avoid this because it can easily happen to anyone if you allow yourself to be talked into back surgery, steroid or other injections that pierce the arachnoid membrane, epidural procedures, or if you suffer serious injury to your spine in an auto, industrial accident, or war.


What Causes Arachnoiditis?


A major cause of arachnoiditis is Failed Back Surgery. Multiple operations increase the risk of arachnoiditis, obviously. Since infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria is fairly common in the hospital setting — and much more likely in a battlefield setting — any invasive surgery or trauma that involves piercing the body’s protective barriers around neural tissues in the spine opens one up to potential problems.


What Are the Symptoms of Arachnoiditis?


Massive, unrelenting pain and nervous system dysfunction in a kaleidoscopic variety of forms are the common symptoms of arachnoiditis. Here is the way one longtime sufferer describes it:


“Left untreated, it can develop into adhesive arachnoiditis which causes nerve roots to be bound and stuck together, clumping them and causing severe pain, numbness, tingling, burning, as well as weird sensations like bugs crawling under your skin or water trickling down your legs. Bowel, bladder and sexual nerves are also usually affected. Since every nerve in the body runs through the spinal cord many different body systems can be affected as well. Blurry vision, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), muscle and joint pain mimicking fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, heat intolerance, and even CRPS like episodes, which I frequently get in my feet. ” One doctor has likened the pain of AA to that experienced in cancer, but without the relief of death. Indeed, some sufferers become suicidal due to the unrelenting pain and the neurological deficits they experience.” — Tammy A.


How Can We Prevent Arachnoiditis?


Prevention of arachnoiditis is simple: Avoid the necessity of invasive surgery by driving safely and, more importantly, seeking out Naturopathic physicians for advice in how to assist your body in maintaining and repairing itself, which — contrary to what medical doctors will tell you — our body is quite capable of doing. 


Another way to avoid arachnoiditis is for women to learn about natural childbirth options that don’t require epidural anesthesia. Women more commonly suffer from arachnoiditis than men because approximately two-thirds of pregnant women opt for spinal or epidural anesthesia during delivery. Of these, about 4% develop arachnoiditis. 


Childbirth is painful. We all like to avoid pain, but in this case it would be wise to remember that by choosing less risky ways of giving birth, you will avoid the risk of lifelong pain that can come with arachnoiditis.


Injections of steroids, dyes, anesthetics, or other substances into the spine are also possible causes and are easy to avoid if one uses a Naturopathic or other holistic practitioner, who is not invested in selling these risky techniques.


We all need to remember that since everything a Medical Doctor (MD) is taught is done with the purpose of making the doctor — and more importantly — the pharmaceutical industry the most money. Your doctor may have humanitarian motives, but those who direct which techniques he shall use are mainly motivated by money. There are far safer types of medical practice that keep the admonition of Hippocrates in mind: “First, Do No Harm (to the patient).”


At the end of this article, I will suggest a very capable Naturopathic Doctor (ND) I use who will teach you a more humane way to look at the practice of medicine. This prevents the necessity of surgery and other invasive procedures, such as epidural injections, for only one example.


A complete explanation of how Naturopathic Physicians trained in the use of medical-quality supplemental nutrition can assist your body in repairing most spinal injuries and general wear-and-tear — without surgery — can be found in my recent article on DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease).


It is unfortunate that we in the USA live under a system of medical monopoly that influences which therapies can be paid for by insurance, both private and Medicare/Medicaid. To receive the best, safest, and least painful care, we must pay more and go out of our way to find the providers. Naturopaths, for example, are only licensed to practice in 17 states — but their advice is available online and most of what they recommend can be learned online and self-administered. It is well worth the money it costs because it works, in my experience and that of many others.


In a similar manner, the herb kratom also is reported to help those with arachnoiditis cope with the pain and inflammation, but it, too, is stigmatised by our monopoly medical system which would like to limit your choices to only those that profit them.


Here’s what Tammy A. had to say about kratom’s benefits for those living with arachnoiditis: “Kratom helps fill the gap (in her pain management program). It helps manage my pain levels and also helps me combat the chronic fatigue that comes along with it.”


Choose wisely!


Paul Kemp has been successfully refusing back and shoulder surgeries as well as steroid injections for many years. He is very pleased that he has found a safer, more effective method to help his body heal 40 years of chronic back pain, sciatica, and rotator cuff damage with Naturopathic nutritional therapies. For him kratom helps with pre-Diabetes, energy, and mental focus.


Here is a Naturopathic Doctor I go to for advice: Glidden Healthcare  (I am in no way affiliated with him financially, btw.)


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