Apricot Kernels Being Made Illegal In Australia


Many individuals have claimed to have kept their cancer at bay with the use of apricot kernels, for those of you not familiar with them, what I am talking about is the seed that is inside the stone of the apricot. It is similar in appearance and taste to an almond only it has a very bitter after taste. It is certainly not something you would eat for the taste but a natural alternative to the barbaric cut, burn and poison that most if not all mainstream doctors would suggest you undergo to treat cancer.

FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) wants them banned following the hospitalization of a man in Queensland after he consumed 40 Kernels at once!. It probably was not necessary to go to hospital but he may have just been a cautious individual. The good news is that he did not die.

It is true that apricot kernels contain small amounts of cyanide, so if you consume a large quantity all at once then you are not going to feel well. Like any natural treatment that you are trying for the first time you need to start of slowly and gradually increase the dose and space them out throughout the day.

Did you know that Brazil nuts contain selenium in large quantities? Selenium is essential for good health but if you ate enough Brazil nuts all at once then you would get too much selenium and as a result you would suffer selenium poisoning. Although FSANZ does not seem to be concerned about that, perhaps because they are not an alternative cancer treatment. And don’t get me started on the health hazards of vaccines!

Not so long ago it was compulsory to label apricot kernels as ‘Pet food only and not fit for human consumption’, many retailers would follow that with ‘In Australia and New Zealand only’ so the label would read like this; ‘Pet food only, not fit for human consumption In Australia and New Zealand only’. So basically suggesting that if you live outside Australia and New Zealand then you can eat them. Sound fishy? Seems as though they really want to keep us away from them.

It is almost getting to the point where if the government or government controlled agency states that something is detrimental to your health then the opposite is true. Obviously some common sense needs to be applied in that pattern of thought for example methamphetamine is illegal and for good reason, I guess they have to keep up the charade that they are doing their job properly.

If they are successful I wonder how they will carry it out, will supermarkets stop selling apricots? If you have an apricot tree growing on your yard will you be forced to take it down? Or will the public see through all the lies and deception and tell the  corrupt government and big pharma where to go.




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