Are Appliances in Your Home Keeping You Healthy?


Many of your appliances do more than just keep you comfortable. They also help keep you healthier, too.
When they don’t work properly, you can be more susceptible to different kinds of illnesses.
That is why it is important to ensure that they are doing their job or have them repaired if there are problems.
Among those you should always check up on:

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
Both of these appliances play an important role in your home.

You may need only one of them or you may need each in a different area of your home.

A dehumidifier that works properly keeps the air dry in your home, particularly in areas where dampness often occurs such as the basement. When it does not work properly, your home is more susceptible to mold and mildew.

These problems can cause breathing issues and even long-term effects on you and your family.

Dry air can be a problem in many other homes.

A home humidifier can put humidity back in the air to help with dry or chapped skin, nose bleeds and even some breathing issues. You can purchase one of these from major retailers like Walmart for one room or your entire home.

The major issue with these gadgets is when they are not cleaned often enough.

A humidifier that allows too much humidity into the room can make the conditions right for mold.

It is important to clean both the humidifier and dehumidifier regularly to ensure that the quality of air that you are breathing is healthy.

Air Conditioners and Heaters

Both of these appliances keep your home comfortable year round.

You want to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, when they don’t work properly, you are not only uncomfortable but may be living with a health hazard.

Replacing air filters on both units regularly helps ensure that the quality of air is sufficient.

Beyond that, you want to make sure that all parts are operating correctly to prevent a fire hazard.

A unit that is not working as it should can place more stress on the electrical system of your home and actually become a fire hazard. This is especially true if you are using supplemental devices such as window or wall air conditioners or space heaters.
While they can reduce the cost of operation when they are in prime working condition, they can prove to be a danger when they in faulty condition.

While many people think of servicing their home air conditioners or heaters, they may not check portable units unless there is a problem.

Do not use an older device when you are away from home or one that does not contain a safety switch. Keep all items away from a portable heater to prevent fire hazards.

Your home appliances and devices can make you more comfortable when they work properly.
However, when they are not in optimal working order, they can pose a serious threat to your health and safety.
Always maintain your home devices and replace them when necessary.

Samriti has written a number of articles and blog posts for websites and print in the health industry. The majority of this writing was related to cancer information, blood pressure and healthy living.