An Apple, No Some Laughter Per Day Keeps the Doctor Away


In regards to alternative medicine, laughter seems to be one of the most effective. It has been proven to not only lift your spirits but actually expedite and encourage healing.

Generate Endorphins

Laughter is also said to release endorphins. Endorphins are known to produce a numbing effects and increase your energy levels, which helps immensely with pain management. Endorphins are also known as a natural euphoric drug, which can be a great weapon against depression. Laughter also has the ability to boost your immune system and decrease stress. Mark Bunn encourages you to get naturally high on life by laughing. He is the author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health and a speaker for several programs like Celebrity Speaker.

It may be difficult for some to find humor in their situation. Therefore, we must look for it outside of our situation. Here are some ways to bring laughter into your day:

  • Kids usually tend to do things that can draw out a smile even from the saddest individual. You can definitely find laughter with children.
  • Watch or listen to a comedy show or movie
  • Engage with others. Recall, share and exchange funny memories
  • Hang out around people that have a great sense of humor. Laughter is contagious

Ultimately, you know what tickles your funny bone. Make it happen. Laughter doesn’t cost a penny, but it is capable of improving the quality your life in more ways than one. California’s Loma Linda University conducted a study where 20 adults were tested for their stress levels and short term memory. They were separated into two groups. One group sat in silence, while the other watched humorous videos. An assessment proved that the disposition of those that watched the funny videos, improved significantly. It may even improve brain function and short term memory in older people.

If you couldn’t find a reason to laugh before, now you have one that is priceless. This is one case where something that feels so good, is actually good for you. Laughter won’t solve all of your problems or cure you of a terminal disease. Yet, it will improve your chances of a speedier recovery and provide you with a better outlook. Start with a smile, everybody has to start somewhere.

Veronica Davis