Anti-Trump Protesters Eye Trump’s Inauguration: Where Were You When It Mattered?


It is no secret that anti-Trump protesters are preparing to protest Trump’s inauguration. A protest against the threat of “fascism”! The Left, however, in true fascistic form, has been planning their typical fascistic violence against whoever they choose to target, planning to pump butyric acid though the HVAC system at the National Press Club in order to shut it down, and planning to shut down bridges, highway access points, and the Metro train system. But with all of the protests planned in all 50 states and 32 countries being led by fascistic leftists, and the adds being taken out by them in the New York Times reading, “We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America”; it begs the question, where were the anti-Trump protestors when it mattered?

For all of you crying about Trump due to the illusions provided you through political WWF-style scripting, and corporate-establishment media programming your synapses, know that under Obama we have had a completely rogue, criminal occupational-government that has set aside our Constitution, its protections, our checks and balances, and the Rule of Law, in perpetuity. None of this has changed just because a new CEO (PR figurehead) of the U.S. was selected and placed in front of the public as an interchangeable lightening rod, to draw away from the real systems under which we are diabolically divided and ruled, and abused to no end. These expansions of the ruling class’ agendas that move in inverted parallel to our loss of liberty, sovereignty and security; are exacted on a bipartisan basis through both parties that they control.

For those aforementioned snowflakes, though, who are now so frightened and concerned about “fascism” all of the sudden – crying over Trump’s mean words and policies that they do not favor – where were you over the last 8 years as the actual fascist police-state was being erected at break neck pace, and the hallmarks of oppressive tyranny and inhumanity were already goose-stepping underfoot? Where were you when it mattered?

Where were you when Obama broke his promise to get us out of war and instead committed himself to dropping bombs and ravaging the globe for 8 consecutive years (a historical precedent), at the rate of three bombs per hour even as of 2016; despite winning a Nobel Peace Prize for what can only be described as Black Skin Privilege, operating on the soft bigotry of low – or in this case no – expectations?

Where were you when the Obama administration was compiling the ever growing “Disposition Matrix” (secret kill lists)?

Where were you when American citizens were being assassinated without any charges or due process whatsoever, including this teenage boy who was drone attacked while eating at a restaurant with other civilians? Despite as Glenn Greenwald points out, the fact that Obama stated while seeking his nomination, “I reject the Bush Administration’s claim that the President has plenary authority under the Constitution to detain U.S. citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants.” Yet as president went on to expand that “plenary authority”to the targeted killings/assassination of U.S. citizens without charges, that weren’t enemy combatants. But where were you?

Where were you when sovereignty violating war crimes were being carried out across the globe with U.S. cluster bombs dropping on weddings, funerals, homes, children’s schools, children’s soccer games, markets and medical centers?

Where were you when he was arming the radical Wahhabis of the sexual, gender and religious apartheid state of Saudi Arabia, with hundreds of billions in new armaments?

Where were you as he was aiding an emerging Yemeni genocide whereby millions of people are being murdered and starved to death, leaving 21 million in need of humanitarian assistance, all through his hands, knowing that he could end the carnage at anytime, but chooses to enrich defense contractors instead? Quite the economic plan. War and QE after war and QE.

Where were you when Obama was selling more arms exports than any administration since WWII; more than doubling Bush’s tally?

Where were you when he promised to close Guantanamo Bay and end indefinite detentions and torture, but instead is leaving with billions of renovations earmarked for the notorious prison? The U.S. military is set to build $8.4 billion medical clinic, as well as a $12.4 billion dining facility for troops who work at the prison.

Where were you when congress was formally put on notice as being a now defunct, powerless relic whose War Powers Resolution underwent de facto nullification, along with their other ostensible powers now subjected under the executive?

Where were you when the DHS and our other domestic government agencies were arming up for domestic warfare against U.S. citizens, putting in purchase orders for billions of rounds of ammunition, including hollow points; and armor, armored vehicles and other weapons of war?

Where were you when Obama was defending and expanding the Patriot Act, the NDAA and a myriad of other moves meant to subjugate the people as their rights are stripped away under a despotic, fascist police-state?

Where were you when project PRISM and other mass surveillance programs that are used to monitor, profile and spy on all Americans were exposed along with the complicity of our tech, internet and phone provider and other mega, corporate super-structures? While Obama went after the hero who brought his Orwellian surveillance apparatus to light?

Where were you when Obama pushed CISPA; or when he relinquished critical internet infrastructure components and transferred control to the UN and foreign stakeholders, giving them control over our DNS and paving the way to massive internet censorship guided by those with no concern for our “protected” speech?

Where were you when the media and their propaganda efforts provided cover for all of this and more, distracting you with race riot after race riot manufactured by them, Obama and his administration; all of whom did all they could to foment and exploit racial tension, division, rage and explosive violence that led to white people being targeted on the streets in the vein of social “justice”? Collectivist, retributive racial “justice”. As they were scapegoated by the police state for its excesses.

Where were you when Obama waged an unprecedented and egregious war on actual investigative journalists and whistle blowers who refused to give up their humanity by covering for his mass atrocities and globalist schemes?

Where were you when Obama legalized propaganda and psychological warfare against the American people?

Where were you when the Espionage Act was used for prosecution under his administration more than all others combined?

Where were you when Obama was pushing GMOs into our food systems at record pace, along with the Dark Act and the Monsanto Protection Act, as he was shilling for biotech and chemical corporations?

Where were you when Obama was completely selling out our sovereignty and future for our posterity piece by piece, through international treaties and FTAs, pushing to expand corporate personhood into corporate nationhood under the TPP and TTIP?

Where were you when the same Obama that promised you the most transparent administration in history, actually did all of this behind your back, in secret, doing all he can to silence those that brought truth to light, using rights-denying and law breaking government overreach and informational warfare, while denying more FOIA requests than any other administration?

Where were you when Obama was increasing our national debt, not including unfunded liabilities, to more than 100 percent of our GDP; while our more than a hundred trillion debt including unfunded liabilities, left each citizen on the hook for roughly a million dollars; hypothecated tax-debt slaves for a central banking system that will ALWAYS be collecting on their heads?

Where were you when Obama was enacting his anti-humanity as CEO of the United States of corporate America and selling YOU and your CHILDREN down the river through a nexus of Grand Theft America schemes ushered in under the guise of economic “cooperation”, “security” and “sustainability”?

Where were you when Obama’s policies led to your student debt and personal/consumer debt soaring to record heights (multi-trillions) to maintain yourself in a structurally declining, debt-based consumer economy? When another economy, China’s, overtook our economy for the first time in our history, causing a tectonic shift in economic and geopolitical power? When home ownership rates and labor participation rates hit new lows not seen since 1965 and 1978 respectively? When the middle class and our standards of living contracted; or when the morbidity and mortality rates significantly and unprecedentedly rose for the white working class as a result of massive redistribution schemes that target them? When we started seeing double digit increases in the murder rate as of 2015, due to the Ferguson effect, the largest increases since 1990, and breaking a trend of decline since the 1990s? When millions more Americans were added to government assistance rolls and pushed into poverty? When the number of people receiving food aid rose by 35.6 percent higher than it was when Obama took office in 2009 and spending on the scheme more than doubled? When the welfare state swelled to roughly a trillion dollars? When the Census Bureau data showed that the number of Americans receiving means-tested federal welfare benefits outnumbered those with year-round full-time jobs. Where were you? Where were you? Where were you?

Now I can work on this list for the rest of my natural life. But for the sake of brevity I will not enumerate such an expansive list of criminal, unethical, destructive and inhumane abuses and usurpations that occurred over the last 8 years. So consider this nowhere near exhaustive. Here is one of many fact filled videos exposing the actual unconstitutional actions Obama has taken to expand the truly Orwellian police/surveillance state that would be the work of fiction, if not for the fact, that it is our current reality thanks to the unquestionable traitors – like the transnational corporatist/militarist/globalist puppet Obama – who has helped to bring it about.

Note, that these are all things that people who were in the know – critical thinkers not allowing themselves to be brainwashed by corporate establishment media, their misdirection and panem et circenses, night after night – already knew. Those who listened to what are now being dubbed “fake” news sources under the expanding counter psyop against psychological liberation. And they were right. And those conditioned to reflexively dismiss their “fantastical” charges against Obama and his fascist police-state, by using the anti-intellectual crutch of crying “conspiracy theorist” whenever they were confronted with information outside of their comfort zone, were wrong. Dead wrong. They were the willfully ignorant and still are. Nothing has changed.

One thing is also for certain, that our current, criminal occupational-government that has laid and built the foundations of abuses and usurpations that the cognitively servile, slave mentality masses have been conditioned to internalize, is exactly the kind of government that our founders warned us of, acknowledging our divine right to abolish it while enshrining that right in our founding documents. The position is not extreme. They are the ideas that are imbedded in our founding principles. It is the denial of our right to fight the oppressive subjugation of occupational forces that have usurped agency over us without the informed consent of its principles, that would be extreme. To sit by idly and apathetically, and to allow it, and the endless trickle down criminality and tyranny from its false central authority, would be extreme.

But in an Orwellian era where War equals Peace, and we suffer from such language corruption, moral inversion and ideological subversion — you better believe that those who think clearly are the ones being labeled as “extremists” “crazies”, “deplorables” and “conspiracy theorists”. They are the ones being targeted for censorship, calumniation, economic terrorism and violent hostilities. But millions of brainwashed cultists submitting to the architects of cognitive corruption and their central lies, does not change the objective realities just because they are, and choose to remain, ignorant of them.

Programmed ignorance may be the preferred “blissful” state for those with slave mentalities. But those with master mentalities will find no refuge in conforming to secular theologies, cultural orthodoxy of insanity, or the ostrich-like dismissal of facts. Our minds and spirits are too liberated, intrepid and beyond paradigmatic to be shackled to the conventions that maintain the order of state chattel. Progress will invariably belong to us as we soldier along against the tides of extreme centralizing forces of inhumanity. And just to remind those who are in doubt of our natural right to abolish the iron fist of rogue central-tyranny that has broken through all of our founding restraints, that we had a duty to protect, but have been derelict in our duty to the point of absolute collective failure, here you go:

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. … Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – Declaration of Independence (1776).