The Angel Nurse and God’s Healing Tools


Let me tell you about someone I consider an expert on Cancer Treatment. She had a very successful 50 plus year record of healing cancer in thousands of patients over that time period. Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who was given a recipe formula of herbs from a lady that had gotten the formula from an Ojibwa Indian healer to be used in treating cancers. The remarkable thing about this was that she made and administered this mixture for over 50 years to those in need. The very same patients that had been victimized by the conventional treatments of the normal cancer treatments of surgery, radiation (radium) and chemotherapy. The people that came to her had been given up on by their cancer doctors and allowed to see her as a last resort. Once their doctors had “done all we can do for you” they were allowed to seek out this wonderful Healing Angel. These were cases that were well documented with all necessary tests and documentation from the original doctors. It was only after these same doctors said there was nothing else to be done, did they allow their patients to go to Ms. Caisse for her treatments. They could be treated by her, but were to go back to their original doctors for follow up visits. It was then that it became very apparent to all these many doctors that these terminal cases were getting healed and in many instances starting to thrive again. Even in the cases where death did eventually come from the cancer, there was a great improvement and they noted that in many of those cases, they lived a lot longer than initially anticipated and without pain or very low amounts of pain. She was so successful in her treatments and healing that she came to the attention of the Canadian Government. It was through this “alignment”, if you will, that she was supervised and all her work was highly documented by medical experts and Canadian Government medical experts. She was not allowed to administer her treatment without a written diagnosis of cancer from a medical doctor. Her treatment became the most successful and most documented treatment available. Her treatment became so successful that the Canadian Parliament came within 3 votes of declaring it a cure for cancer before the then equivalent of our AMA and pharmaceutical lobby put pressure on the members and high ranking officials to have it blocked as a cure. It was just too natural and readily available and too cheap.


This was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to healing others and only took donations when offered. Her life and journey of healing and her research under lab conditions with supervision by the government and medical professionals are all well documented and written about. A very good and informative book is “Calling of An Angel” written in 1988 by Dr. Gary Glum. Rene Caisse called her formula “Essiac” as in her last name in reverse. It is also called 4 Herb Tea. The 4 Herb tea formula and also the herbs to make Essiac are available through a few sources. One of the most reliable suppliers with the highest quality herbs and the 4 Herb Tea is Herbal Healer Academy at On this site there are wonderful testaments from users about Essiac and 4 Herb Tea. I have been using 4 Herb Tea for years and it has also been noted to have many other medicinal uses. As with Dr. Glums’ own experience, he used it to heal his chronic bronchitis. Take control and research for your own health and, in cancer situations, your life! As I always state in my blogs; do something at least. Just don’t leave it up to someone else.


I am passionate when it comes to the poor innocent men, women and children being killed by our typical medical treatments. Millions are dying needlessly because of greed and power and ego. That this country and world have come to that is totally abhorrent and opposite of the Hippocratic Oath. We ALL deserve a life of health and well being. Please, please if you have cancer or know someone who has cancer, take the time to research this amazing gift of nature that can help your amazing body heal itself. It can even be taken with chemo and radiation, but I personally would not do that. In fact, I would bring about my healing naturally with a more natural and alkaline diet along with Essiac.

This article is strictly my thoughts, concerns and opinions being expressed as my Right to free speech. I am in no way advising anyone not to seek professional medical help but I am putting forth my opinion that we do have the right to treat ourselves as we see fit whatever that may mean to you the reader. I do not agree with medical treatments as such and believe the treatments are causing the deaths of countless thousands of people in a reckless and needless and horrible manner. But, once again, that is my opinion as stated here. My only hope here is that this article may spur someone into taking control of their own life and healing. I write these words, hoping that people will seek out more information about this wonderful natural healing recipe and that through the information and herbs people will live!

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Daniel is an herbologist (HHA) and a Master Researcher. His interest in alternative and Holistic Healing started at the early age of 10 when his mother gave him a copy of "There Is a River" about Edgar Cayce. From that point on he has continued in his pursuit of information, education and knowledge to share.