America’s Rx For Holistic Health: Compare This To Obamacare


Obamacare vs. the Holistic Approach

Watching the engineered debacle of Obamacare unfold, exposing it as the planned disaster it was always meant to be, should beg the question, what would a real health care plan for America actually look like?  The great healers and teachers of health, going back thousands of years and more, have always seen health from a holistic point of view.  They never focused on covering up symptoms for the moment, even with natural remedies, but always taught that our whole life should be conducive to health.

When there is sickness or disease, the causes have to be cleaned out in order to go back to our normal state of radiant health.  Taking drugs, even if you call them “medicine,” just creates the conditions for the problem to get worse.  Our concept of aging as the gradual breakdown of the body and mind, with increasing disease and disability, until we arrive at a completely helpless state and finally die an agonizing death, this concept is based on false assumptions and ignorance of the exhilaration we could feel if we learned to live in harmony with nature.

Have You Heard Of The Hunzas?

Even in modern times, there have been isolated populations that have demonstrated that our natural state is to live in good health right up to the time of death.  One such example was the Hunza people of northern Pakistan, studied and written about by Dr. Bernard Jensen and others in the 1960’s.  They lived healthy and very active lives for their entire life spans, often 120 to 140 years of age.  This continued until a modern road finally reached them. It brought them junk food, western medicine, and other gifts of our modern world, and their natural state of health and longevity was lost.

It’s Not A Pill, It’s The Whole Lifestye, For A Person Or For A Country

So if we want lifelong health and real health care, we’re going to have to look at our entire lifestyle.  The requirements of nature for health are still the same as they were thousands of years ago.  We need to get our lives back in harmony with what our bodies and minds need, and that requires an honest look at both lifestyle and the cultural environment we live in.  Even economics cannot be ignored for health, because if we know what to do and what to eat, but cannot afford to buy the good food, we cannot use that understanding to regain our health.  Holistic means a lot more than just using natural medicines.  It’s not about taking an herbal remedy instead of a drug.  It means absolutely everything is connected to everything else, as part of a whole.  Remaking our lives and our world are required, to really achieve the potential of holistic health.  And it starts with a willingness to open our minds to understand more than we do now.

The following is a partial  list of what a real national holistic health care plan would involve.  Remember that holistic means all is connected and important.  Both prosperity and freedom are essential aspects of any real national health care plan.  And to have prosperity and freedom as the foundation for a healthy population in America, some things have to change.

Make Believe President

Let’s pretend for a moment that, instead of having a president who is lying to us with a smiling face, reading nonsense off a teleprompter to make us trust him while actually working to further the usual dark agendas, we have a president who is a good person.   I know this is really a stretch and sounds like science fiction, but please bear with me here.  The exercise in imagination has value, because if we understand what a real health care system actually would be, we become a lot harder to impress with counterfeits, and we know what we need to work towards as a goal.

So this imaginary American president announces that from this day forward, real health care in America is going to replace what has been called health care up to now.  And a few other changes are going to have to be made at the same time.  Here is the list of changes our imaginary president is making as of today (not an exhaustive list, but enough to give you the idea), and remember in case it does not at first seem obvious, the following are all requirements for a real health care program.  For example, a country cannot have real health care if it is on the edge of bankruptcy and environmental oblivion.  A partial correction will not work.

Now imagine you are watching the president make this announcement on television, as America’s new, honest health care is rolled out.  You may understandably be shocked to see what an all-inclusive subject real health care actually is.  But upon further consideration, you will realize that reclaiming our natural birthright of health cannot be done without addressing the real causes of disease, and requirements for true public health,  nationwide.  So turning now to the president’s announcement, here is a partial list of some of the most important changes that will make real health care happen:

Hope And Change?  Now Let’s Make Them Real: The List Of Changes

Imagine watching the President on prime time TV, announcing the following changes, effective immediately, as the components of the new (and real) health care policy, and see if you understand why each item on the list is essential:

1. The U.S. Constitution is hereby reinstated as the law of the land in America.  All current operations of federal government or its agencies not authorized by the enumerated powers are  immediately halted.  The vast number of federal employees thus terminated will be allowed to draw full pay for one year while they find other employment, but will leave their current positions immediately, other than those required for orderly shutdown of operations.  They will keep their 12 months’ severance pay even if they start new jobs in this period, thus removing any disincentive to find work.  Changes listed in items below will assure a robust job market for all of those seeking work in the private sector.

2.  All military operations where no declared war exists are terminated and personnel brought home, and assigned as needed to legitimate defense roles (otherwise retired with one year’s severance pay).  Returning military personnel will also be used as needed to completely seal all US borders against illegal immigration.  All legal immigrants, to be approved, will have to learn English and explain why they should be allowed to become American citizens, not “hyphenated” Americans (Marcus, 2009). They will also have to show that they have no subversive intentions or connections to violent groups, such as the various violent immigrant groups currently pouring into the U.S. legally or illegally with the encouragement of government.

3. All foreign aid is immediately terminated.  This money belongs to the American people, who are free to give it away personally or through charities if they choose, but it cannot be taken from them by force and distributed by government, regardless of the cause.  Davy Crockett gave an inspirational speech to Congress, explaining why this is the case, and it is recommended reading (Ellis, 1884).

Real foreign aid will be encouraged, consisting of Americans voluntarily sharing the principles of freedom and health abroad, for the adoption of other peoples who want to produce their own prosperity.  Teaching the people of other countries about prosperity and health will help them more than billions of dollars that end up in the hands of corrupt governments and corporations.  The modest costs of such educational aid to be covered by private charitable organizations or the individuals involved.  This aid will do immense good, is not forcibly taken from the American people, and will not end up going to corrupt rulers or various fraudulent organizations for “administrative” purposes, and will create international good will.

4. The “federal” reserve is hereby abolished.  All debts to this criminal agency are cancelled, and its officers are indicted for crimes against humanity, to be held without bond until trials are completed.  Those arrests are in progress as I speak.  All fraudulent debts of the American people or the U.S. government, now amounting at least to many tens of trillions of dollars,  based on bailouts by whatever name, to transfer derivative losses and similar obligations to the American people,  are hereby rescinded and cancelled.  International bankers are hereby banned from any further activities in America, or on American securities exchanges, and are terminated from cabinet, advisory and other positions in any aspect of government effective immediately.

5. All income taxes are hereby canceled, along with any and all outstanding debts connected with such fraudulent taxes.  Fractional reserve banking is banned and legally defined as the fraudulent lending of non-existent money, punishable by prison time and fines.  IRS, the collection agency for the private “federal” reserve, is banned from operations in America, and its officers and directors indicted for crimes against humanity.  These arrests are likewise in progress.

6. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) data, showing the massive “off budget” funds accumulated for about the last 70 years by every state, county, city, town and district across America will be widely publicized and explained in terms almost anyone will understand.  Administrators of states, counties, cities, towns and districts will be offered conditional avoidance of prosecution if they adequately publicize the amount and details of funds held, and present a program for immediate implementation that stops all local taxes, property taxes and other types of taxes and uses a portion of massive accumulated CAFR funds to cover legitimate local government costs and allows to the rest to continue earning interest income to avoid the necessity of a return of these taxes in the future (Richardson, 2010).

7. Trade tariffs are immediately reinstated on all imported commodities and services, at a rate sufficient to bring their price to 5% above the competing cost of such equivalent quality products and services made in the America.  Outsourcing of supplies or services will therefore make any American company non-competitive in its domestic market, and industrial rebirth will commence immediately in America, providing more and better jobs and careers than government could ever provide, even if its legitimate function were to “create jobs,” which it is not.  Importation of products not possible to produce in America will be unaffected by these changes, and still available for domestic purchase as before.  Importation of all usual products will still be possible for those that want them, but not at prices that threaten to undercut American industry.

8. Existing food stamp distribution and unemployment benefits will be allowed to continue for one year and then cease, even in cases where the recipient finds sufficient employment and income, to avoid any disincentive to find work immediately.  Existing disability benefits will not be affected.

8. All nuclear power plants are to be decommissioned beginning immediately.  Besides the fact that virtually every American nuclear power plant is leaking radioactive material into the environment, it is widely acknowledged that a solar-generated EMP pulse is likely in coming years, and when it happens, it is also likely that every nuclear power plant in operation worldwide will melt down as computer disks are disabled.  Currently the facility at Fukushima is threatening the survival of humanity worldwide.  Allowing the continuing operation of nuclear power plants in our country is suicidal for America and the world.

All regulations currently in use to force shutdown of clean coal power plants and move them to China are hereby rescinded.  Likewise all regulations currently in place as bars to entry into commercial energy production for small companies with alternative energy technology are rescinded immediately.  Any interference with clean and free energy sources is hereby declared a federal crime.  The covert technology suppression programs of both federal government and fossil fuel based energy organizations are hereby given notice to cease and desist from all operations effective immediately, or face felony prosecution for crimes against humanity and other charges.  These changes will result in free and clean energy sources out-competing and soon replacing inferior and environmentally damaging current energy production technologies.

10. All toxic technologies for the production and processing of food, including the use of chemical fertilizers and all forms of synthetic chemical pesticides are hereby banned from use or importation in the U.S.  Phaseout time will be allowed on a case by case basis up to a maximum of three years to switch over to completely organic production.  Native rock dust production will become the source of mineral fertilizer and soil restoration, along with sound cover cropping, rotations,  and other organic food production practices.  Interfering with the dissemination of advanced organic agricultural practices is hereby declared as a federal crime, with extra penalties if committed under color of law.  All genetic engineering technologies for development of GMO organisms of any kind is permanently banned from America.  Food safety laws currently pending or already on the books are declared null and void, as they are written specifically to favor mass scale factory food production and processing without any reasonable safety standards, while small organic farms are overburdened and forced out of business by unnecessary and excessive regulation in the name of food safety.  Any other laws that give advantages to large corporations over small family farms, or create barriers to entry for small organic farmers, are likewise hereby rescinded.  The massive federal land holdings across America will start being turned over to the American people starting immediately, with preference being given to farmers, especially around every American city, in order to supply locally grown organic food to all in abundance.

11. All chemtrail activity, irrefutably shown  to destroy normal global weather patterns and poison all levels of the biosphere including human beings, is permanently banned from America.  Arrests of those at the higher levels of the associated covert programs is in progress as I speak.  America’s biosphere will be permitted and encouraged to begin recovery, and all foreign chemtrail activity being coordinated through any American facilities is likewise banned.  Known agents of these programs operating in other countries will be publicly named and exposed so that other governments may stop their activities if they so choose.  Any foreign chemtrail activity that can be shown to be affecting American climate or other environmental aspects will be aggressively pursued and shut down.

12. Any and all activities related to United Nations Agenda 21 are hereby banned from U.S. soil, and major organizers of this program in the U.S. will be indicted for crimes against humanity.  Many of them are hiding behind seemingly unrelated titles and programs, but they will be aggressively pursued and indicted, and are therefore warned to leave the country now.

13. America immediately cancels all membership and participation in organizations destructive to the interests and freedoms of the people of America, including but not limited to, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the International Monetary Fund, etc.  All so-called “free trade” agreements that have done so much to destroy American industry, are hereby canceled, concurrent with the immediate reinstatement of trade tariffs as described above.

14.  All special favors and government “partnerships” currently enjoyed by large corporations giving them favored status and unfair trade advantages over individuals or smaller companies are hereby cancelled.  To continue in existence, larger corporations will have to serve humanity and profit from constructive and honest business.

15.  The department of Homeland Security is hereby abolished.  The Constitutional militias of the several states are hereby reinstated as real homeland security (Viera, 2012).  All gun control laws and regulations, clearly illegal in America,  are hereby cancelled permanently.  All currently standing Executive Orders are hereby cancelled, and all covert laws and arrangements for assault of any kind against the American people, including those allowing confiscation of property or suspension of any Constitutional rights in or out of declared emergencies are hereby cancelled.  TSA is abolished, airlines and other transportation companies are responsible for their own security.

16. All government and corporate spying activities by government agencies like NSA, major telecommunications and internet companies, etc., on members of the American public, are hereby declared to be felonies in violation of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, whether conducted from inside or outside of Ameica.

All government and corporate participants in or designers and planners of false flag operations are to be immediately indicted and their trials open to the public.   This will include all known false flag events back to those of back to Vietnam, WWII,  and before, as well as into modern times from Fast and Furious arming of drug cartels, Oklahoma City (Lane, 2011), 9-11 (Gage, 2012), the Boston Marathon, and many others carried out within and outside of U.S. borders.

17.  Drug companies will, starting today, be required to post publicly on product labels and package inserts (i.e. labels referring to inserts), as well as include prominently in all forms of promotion and advertising,  ALL known effects of their products.  Failure to do so will result in fines of double the amount of sales of the products in question, plus loss of license to operate in the U.S.  The term “side effects” will no longer be allowed, and all effects, including the one for which the product is being marketed, will be listed in the same category, with the same emphasis.  For example, most psychiatric drugs will openly advertise the effects of suicide and homicide on their packaging materials.  This should greatly reduce or eliminate the market for many of the most damaging drugs in the U.S.  Individuals who wish to purchase drugs may do so, but deceptive packaging or advertising will no longer be allowed.  The same will be true for vaccines.  NO MANDATORY medical treatments of any kind will be required of any American under any circumstances from today forward.   NO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS for children entering school, or for any other individual under any circumstances.

18. Any laws which limit public access to non-allopathic forms of medicine or different approaches to health maintenance or restoration, including those that can be self-applied, are hereby declared null and void.  No legal requirement shall apply to any person to undergo or participate in any treatment or standard of care, either for themselves or anyone in their care or custody.  All healthcare procedures shall be completely at the discretion of the individual, not any government agency or representative.

19.  Addition of fluoride and associated toxins to public water supplies is hereby declared to constitute an act of terrorism and individuals so involved will be charged accordingly.  Proof that an individual had no knowledge of fluoride’s true effects on human health may result in a pardon on a case by case basis.  Municipalities will be directed to phase out the use of chlorine or other known toxins as quickly as safe alternatives (ozone, silver, etc.)  can be put into use.

20.  Child Protective Services is hereby abolished, and criminal investigations into agency child abuse, kidnapping, trafficking  and murder will begin immediately.

21.  Finally, to help prevent the creation of laws in the future with some of the worst characteristics of “Obamacare,” Congress members are prohibited from voting on any proposed legislation they have not personally read and understood in full detail.  The void for vagueness doctrine which declares null and void any law not easily understood by the average person is reinstated, and no law may be passed that leaves open ended additions to be made which are pre-authorized in the bill itself.  The acceptance of money or any other favors including future employment from lobbyists by congress members shall henceforward be a felony offense.  All Congress members must live by the same laws that they pass for the general population, no exceptions.

How Could All This Be Health Care?

Now some of you, used to “health care” programs that just help you get into the hospital or get more insurance, might be wondering what any of the above changes could possibly have to do with health care.  The technical answer is: a lot.  No health improvement program is complete in the absence of freedom and prosperity.  The changes listed above will bring back both of these, beginning immediately.  The massive financial savings created by these steps and the renewed protection of American industry which should never have been removed, will create business, job, and career opportunities beyond imagination. The biggest favor we can do for real health care is to stop allowing government and industry to block its natural spread by the free market.

Government’s main role is to protect individual freedom to think, speak, act and live as we each choose, as long as we do not use our freedom to harm others.  Make as much money as you like, your limits of accomplishment should be set only by your own imagination.  But make your fortunes by helping others, not by harming them.  In this way, your success will enrich others as it enriches you, and society will flower.

The Number One Cause Of Death In America

Under our current system, the number one cause of death for Americans is (drum roll): the allopathic “health care system” (Null & Dean, 2011).  Opening up a free and competitive marketplace for all Americans so they do not have to choose toxic drugs and vaccines or cancer-causing radiation and chemotherapy, but can instead pursue advanced natural treatments, this in itself will save millions of lives and billions of dollars in costs and damages.  Our job is to promote health itself, not to protect and grow the “health care” system or the insurance industry.  A cash based, free market system would see an immediate radical drop in health care prices and with the above proposed economic policy changes, most would be able to easily afford their own health care costs.  Those few who needed help could get it from the world of private charities, reinvigorated in the vibrant economy that these changes would produce.

Economics and Real National Security Support  Health

The economic measures enumerated in the first section of this list of changes will bring in a new era of prosperity for America that no program of government expansion and entitlement could ever do, and give to millions of families a standard of living that allows them to afford the requirements of real health.  The money that will be saved by kicking the international banksters out of America will be staggeringly huge.  The money saved by reducing the federal government to its legally justified size and range of activities will generate explosive new private sector economic growth.    The reinstatement of trade tariffs will bring back business and jobs to America starting immediately, eliminating poverty and all its negative health effects for millions of American families.

The replacement of  “homeland security” and TSA by the Constitutional militia will remove a chilling effect on American commerce and travel as well as bring the visitors back to America from overseas, and will be a strong positive influence on American prosperity and quality of daily life.  This is about real national security by re-empowering the people and eliminating the forces that have repressed them up to now.  The end of American invasions and military presence abroad will also increase real security, just by stopping the murder of the peoples of other countries that America is engaged in now.

The massive economic changes and new rules restricting toxic agriculture will result in a massive supply increase of organic food availability nation-wide.  Elimination of the massive chemtrails program will save yet more billions of dollars, and it will let the American people breathe clean air again, without which no health program is enough to really do the job of restoring normal levels of health and life quality.   The disrupted global climate systems can begin the process of returning to normal once the spraying is stopped.  Further assistance in healing of our planet will result as environmentally sound technologies are employed to help the soil, water, air and all life forms heal after many years of tragic assault from the skies and decades of  intentional agricultural poisoning of our soil.

Likewise with GMO’s eradicated from our country, the massive health damage they are causing to the entire biosphere including humans, can begin to heal.  This one change is worth more than trillions in old style drug centered “health care.”  The quick phase out of chemical agriculture will open up an immediate demand for organic farmers on a scale that can hardly be imagined.  Government lands being returned to the people can be made available to those willing to work them as organic farms, and our current predicament of not producing enough healthy food for our own people can begin to change.  Massive numbers of Americans engaged in small organic farming to meet the huge demand for real food will actually be playing their parts as critical elements in the real health care system.

It Can’t Come From Government

Real health care has never come from government.  We have only been led to believe it does, so government will have one more excuse to control our lives.  The free market, constrained only by the requirement that no profits are to be made or activities are to be engaged in that  harm the people, is amazingly effective in providing high quality and abundance, not only in health care but across the spectrum of industries.  No more will the people who know about the importance of organic food be unable to afford to buy it.  No more will people worry what will happen to them from breathing toxic metals instead of fresh air.  No more will people’s ability to think be impaired by toxic chemicals intentionally added to the water supplies.  No more will they live in fear of economic collapse with constantly devaluing fiat paper money that can become worthless at any time, at the whim of a malicious central bank whose power is beyond the reach of law.   Gold and silver will again be the basis of the money system, and fractional reserve banking, as stated above, will be a crime.

No One Will Go Without Needed Health Care

Sickness will become a rarity when the requirements of health are available to everyone.  When it does occur, and when home remedies that are freely taught are not enough, practitioners of all approaches to healing will be easily accessed.  With the renewed protection of American industries, unemployment and poverty will also be rare, so most people will easily afford natural remedies and practitioners when needed.  But in a prosperous society, private charities also can thrive, and no one will be denied the care they need.  People in a police state society, as we have had developing up to now, live in fear and do not engage as much in charity.  But in conditions conducive to prosperity, people’s attitudes are much different.  This is the normal community and national “safety net” that occurs when natural economies are allowed to function, and no government help in this situation is needed.

Total Overhaul Of The System Does Not Cost Anything, It Pays

Just as personal health requires a complete review and makeover of one’s lifestyle in order to experience normal, radiant health, a real national health care system that works is not some system to get everyone into the hospital more frequently and more easily, to get more toxic and invasive, health-destroying treatments as their health continues to get worse.  This should not be called health care at all.  Instead, we have to take the opportunity to realize the interconnectedness of all things, and to have faith in ourselves.  We have seen what taking the easy way out and believing government propaganda will lead to.  We were about to see it get much worse, as government controlled health care inevitably leads to rationing, very bad quality in the health destroying care we do get, and eventually health care as a major weapon in the agenda of global eugenics.  Alternatively, we can take the path of cleaning house, and making our world a healthy and prosperous place to live and pursue our dreams.  This is a real health care system, one that runs in the private sector, and predictably, it leads to health.  The lazy option was a disease and death care system, and the more money we spent on it, the more of us it killed.

We have great intelligence and strength within us, we have only forgotten who we really are, and allowed ourselves to sink into a dull and hypnotized state.  Let’s reclaim our birthright and remember our lost wisdom.  Health is no mystery that we have to wait on “science” to figure out.  We can take it back any time.



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Richard Sacks