Amazing Oregano Oil: 11 Health Uses that Really Work


Oregano oil is definitely a must-have for any medicine cabinet or home health kit. No longer is oregano just for spicing up your pasta and meat dishes, but its therapeutic properties are proven to be amazingly effective.

The oil is distilled from dried leaves and flowers of the oregano plant when it’s at the peak of oil production. It offers a spicy aroma and is typically a dark golden color. Even though there are more than 40 species of the plant, only Origanum vulgare or wild oregano that grows in Mediterranean regions offers the most health benefits.

This remarkable oil offers superior benefits for a wide range of uses. It has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and even antiseptic properties that make it a favorite herbal oil to keep on hand. It is particularly beneficial for the immune system and respiratory health.

11 Health Uses for Oregano Oil that Really Work

Oregano oil can be taken orally or used topically. Here are some of the best health uses that you can incorporate into your arsenal of alternative remedies. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it includes some of the most important.

1. Natural Bug Repellent – The obvious potency of oregano oil repels insects during the summer months.

Suggested use: Use a diluted solution of 1 part oil to 3 parts carrier oil, such as organic coconut or virgin olive oil. Apply to skin when heading to the woods. You can also place a few drops on your outdoor furniture to discourage insects from joining your outdoor party.

2. Fights Bad Breath, Plaque and Bacteria – Thymol, an ingredient found in some commercial mouthwashes, occurs naturally in oil of oregano.

Suggested use: Add an undiluted drop or two of oil directly on your toothbrush. You can use with or without toothpaste, then brush as usual.

3. Natural Hand Sanitizer – Make your own sanitizer that can kill viruses, bacteria and more.

Suggested use: Combine 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil with 10 drops of oregano oil in a small glass bottle. (You can double up on this recipe if you want to fill a bit larger bottle.) Shake well before use. When using, put a few drops on your skin and rub it in. Initially, it will look shiny on your hands, but will quickly soak into the skin to cleanse and nourish it.

4. Sinusitus – If you’re brave enough to use a neti pot, you can use this solution to rinse your sinuses out once a day until you find relief.

Suggested use: Use 1 cup of boiled or distilled water (for safety), warmed for comfortable use; Add 1/4 teaspoon Pharmaceutical grade neti pot salt, 1/4 teaspoon Arm & Hammer baking soda and 1 drop oregano oil. Mix thoroughly. Use this solution per each nostril to flush the nasal cavity. (Caution: Oil of oregano can cause a burning sensation if sinus tissue is inflamed, so discontinue use if uncomfortable.)

5. Kills Parasitic Infections – Oregano oil can be lethal to those unwelcome parasites, fungi and other infections that can set up residence in the body.

Suggested use: Mix 1 drop of oregano oil with 1 drop of carrier oil such as organic coconut oil. Place under tongue for a few minutes, then wash it out. Repeat this at least 4 times a day for several days.

Another more aggressive treatment is to take 600 milligrams of oregano oil for six weeks. In this case, you will need to take a good probiotic to replace the good bacteria in your gut. (Oregano doesn’t distinguish between good bacteria and bad bacteria.)

6. Colds and Respiratory Infections – You can use this amazing oil to help relieve uncomfortable respiratory infections and cold symptoms. It’s helpful for both upper and lower respiratory infections.

Suggested use: Just add a few drops of oil to a pan of steaming water. Drape a towel over your head and breathe in the steam.

7. Natural Cleanser and Disinfectant – Want to avoid commercial home disinfectants? Want to kill bacteria and viruses on home surfaces? Look no more. Oil of oregano is at your service!

Suggested use: Take 1 gallon of clean water; Mix in 1/4 cup white vinegar; Add 10 drops of lemon oil and 4 drops of pure oregano oil. Mix well. Wipe down surfaces in your home with this mixture.

8. Immune Booster – European studies have shown oil of oregano to be a powerful immune booster that can supercharge health.

Suggested use: Take up to 3 drops, either under the tongue or in water, up to 3 times daily.

9. Sore Muscles, Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel – The oil has long be touted for its anti-inflammatory properties. Athletes and those suffering from arthritis or joint problems, such as carpal tunnel, can benefit from its use.

Suggested use: Apply a few drops directly on the skin and rub in for relief. If your skin is sensitive to undiluted oil, just add 1 drop of oregano oil to 5 drops of carrier oil such as organic coconut. You can adjust the amount when you become familiar with its benefits.

10. Candida – This fungus infects many people and is generally difficult to treat, depending on the severity. The powerful antifungal properties of oregano oil make it a natural to help eradicate this infection in many sufferers.

Suggested use: Place 1-3 drops under your tongue at least 3 times a day. If you prefer, you can place the drops in water or juice to drink. This is just a starting place, since there are so many variables in treating Candida infections.

You can also increase usage by putting up to 8 drops in a gel cap and take with a meal once a day. As with any Candida diet, refrain from eating sugar and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to flush toxins from the body.

11. Tooth Ache and Sore Throat – Yes, oil of oregano can help to relieve a tooth ache. It can also relieve a sore throat.

Suggested use: Add a few drops to a glass of water and chug! You should notice some relief soon.

How to Buy the Best Oregano Oil

In order to get the most benefit from the highest quality oil, only purchase wild oregano oil that is cold-pressed, organic and has at least an 80% carvacrol content, which is the main ingredient.

Dr. Mercola, natural health professional, says to “Opt only for oregano oil made from Origanum vulgare and Thymus capitatus, a variety that grows in Spain…many of the oregano oils sold in grocery stores are not made from this variety and may have little to no therapeutic value.” Be very selective in choosing your oregano oil in order to benefit from these 11 super health uses.

Is Oregano Oil Safe?

The oil is generally safe, but it always pays to be wise when using any alternative or medical protocol. Common cautions include:

  • Not for use when pregnant or for use with children
  • Some people have an allergy to Oregano; Can cause upset stomach
  • Should be avoided for those with heart conditions or high blood pressure
  • Short-term use is typically advised; Clinical herbalist, Michelle Lynde, states that “Generally, the oil is limited to the treatment of acute conditions and used only in small doses of four to six drops at a time for no more than seven to 10 days.” Although some professionals do recognize value in more prolonged use for certain conditions.

If you have questions or concerns about the use of oregano oil for your own use, it’s always smart to consult your healthcare professional.

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