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Long ago, humans and nature were one intricately connected whole. We walked barefoot in the dirt and absorbed the energy of a thousand suns. Our food grew in the dirt and we harvested it with hands that absorbed the vital nutrients formed by the earth and sun. Ancient man lived with strength, health and vitality with very little disease. Ancient man happily fathered children well into old age (without Viagra) and died mostly of natural causes.

Somewhere Elton John sang “Circle of Life.”

Then along came “Lying” Louie Pasteur—who insisted that those miraculous beings that aerated our soil, made it lush and fertile and rich with minerals and nutrients and enzymes—those “germs”– were now our enemies who we must seek to destroy. And thus began the slow destruction of our human microbiome (gut)—our inner terrain that mirrored the outer. As the without, so the within. Along with that came antibiotics, patented medicine, chronic conditions, and the loss of natural healing traditions shared over millennia by the wisest medicine men, shaman, and time-tested grandmas. Nature had provided the answer to every ill for millennia—now it was in the hands of man. Like the old commercial said, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”

Let’s not forget greed. Along came greed.

The idea that man could make things grow faster, fatter, bigger, and better than Mother Nature, and he could charge for it—has proven disastrous. By disconnecting ourselves from nature, destroying our own 100 trillion beneficial bacteria and trying to sterilize our world—man has violated the natural order, propagated disease, and weakened our immune systems. Here we are, 100 years later—fatter, sicker, and for the first time in recorded history—outliving our children.

“Sorry ‘Bae’—like I totally can’t eat those fresh picked strawberries because I ran out of my caramel vanilla apple scented hand sanitizer,” said no cave man ever.

When you genetically modify plants you are going against the natural order of things. You are removing their energy signature, which gives them their own unique flavor. You are creating a vicious circle from a virtuous one. When you apply artificial, commercially made fertilizer—you shock the plant from the outside into growing—but you don’t feed it nutrients from the soil. Shocking the plants inhibit their ability to absorb necessary minerals and nutrients like nitrogen. Even though the air is rich with nitrogen, this essential element must be absorbed from the soil and released back into the atmosphere. Nitrogen in its natural state (nitrate) is found in composting vegetation and healthy soil that is alive with worms for aerating, various bacteria, and miraculous little creatures like Rollie Pollies that remove heavy metals from the soil.

Artificial fertilizers rob the soil of nutrients and do not replace them. Nature makes plants perfect—no need for fertilizer because plants naturally repel insects and pests due to the protective plant protein coat, which is mostly indigestible to bugs. They don’t have the enzymes to break them down. It is only when a natural plant rots that bugs get past the protective plant barrier to break down the nutrients and return them to the soil. Recycling organic matter is a bug’s purpose. (They’re not fond of glass and plastic). Synthetic crops have lower protein content and deadpan soil, which makes insect infestation and weeds more plentiful—which requires more chemicals to control. Which leads to run off of these heavily applied chemicals from hard soil into streams where the artificial ammonium nitrate depletes the water of oxygen and suffocates the fish.

Homeostatic soil organisms (HSO’s) are microorganisms that live in the soil, feed the plants, and release enzymes into the soil that kill yeast, mold, and anything that stops healthy growth. They also produce growth hormones to encourage seeds to open, sprout, and mature. Pesticides, germicides, and fungicides deplete the soil of HSO’s. HSO’s that survive the chemical storm are then killed by pasteurization or high heat processing for shelf life.

HSO’s convert ammonia from naturally decaying vegetation into healthy nitrates, which in turn produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is critical to heart health and the human body is very sensitive to its presence. Nitric oxide is made by the blood vessel’s lining. Things like good cholesterol and exercise stimulate nitric oxide release which dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and decreasing plaque formation and blood clots. High blood pressure, stress, high triglycerides, smoking and statin drugs decrease or block nitric oxide release by the blood vessels. Nitroglycerin pills, placed under the tongue to relieve chest pain, work by being converted to nitric oxide. (Nobel Prize for this discovery cited in resources below.)

Penile erection is dependent upon the release of nitric oxide. The healthier the blood vessel lining, the more nitric oxide release, and the stronger the erection.

Just like plants, any time you “shock” the body with artificial, synthetic, manmade molecules—the body responds as if the molecule is a poison and surrounds that poison with lymph or fat until it can be broken down and removed. Synthetic nitrates do not break down into natural elements. Synthetic nitrates break down into nitrosamines and these toxins, accumulated over time, are stored in lymph and can become tumors. Lymph does not circulate so toxins may remain there and become problematic. Just as the fertilizer starves the fish of oxygen, nitrosamines attach to hemoglobin in the bloodstream and rob the body of oxygen. Tumors grow in anaerobic (oxygen starved) conditions.

“Pull out the poison, feed the body, and God will heal.” Burton Goldberg

Organic Soil. Virtuous Circle. Sing it Elton . . .



“Circle of Life” by Elton John

Nobel Prize for Nitric Oxide research

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