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Alternative Medicine Review is honored to be apart of Natural News Blogs. Since there are so many great blogs here,

Why is it important for you to read Alternative Medicine Review over the coming weeks? 

The goal of Alternative Medicine Review is to publish blogs that make you aware of exciting new research and news headlines you may have missed on main stream news channels. You need to be alerted about the threats by our government that could end your right to buy herbs and vitamins. I will also stress topics such as drugs, their dangers, and alternative therapies that are much safer.  Interactions between drugs and herbs is another important subject. Many people do not understand that herbs are powerful natural medicines and that mixing them with prescription drugs can be dangerous. The intent of this first blog is just to give you a glimpse of the important topics I am going to cover over the weeks ahead. I know you will find this information worth your important time to read and follow on a weekly basis.

I will be posting new blogs twice a week starting this Friday. The topic for Friday’s blog will address the problems and complications of taking both herbs and drugs for depression. This is a real problem today when so many people are actively taking prescription drugs.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my blog!

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin


Kate Freer
Master Herbalist and researcher since 1983. My husband and I live in Spring Valley, CA. We grow herbs, Moringa trees, and organic vegetables along with a flock of ducks and lop rabbits. I love writing and sharing knowledge about herbs and alternative medicine with my readers. I write for my business blog, Yahoo Voices, and now this new blog here. I look forward to this new writing opportunity.