The Alarming Effects Of Chemotherapy (Finally Revealed!)


Traditional options for cancer treatment include chemotherapy or injection of toxic drugs, radiotherapy or high dose radiation that burns cancer cells, or surgical removal of the tumor via surgery. One or multiple options can be used according to tumor size, type, and sensitivity to selected option. But the effects of chemotherapy is something you should beware of.

It is very unfortunate if a patient dies after spending a fortune on treatments although the treatment was supposed to prolong the life. According to an evidence-based study, although chemotherapy industry has flourished immensely, cancer patients are not getting expected levels of benefits.

The research on the effects of chemotherapy

A former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Hardin B. Jones, studied the effects of various treatment options on the survival of cancer patients. After his long 25 years of observation, he concluded that chemotherapy is essentially worse than no treatment at all because patients receiving such toxic injections die earlier.

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Dr. Jones conducted in-depth research and found that chemotherapy alone cannot prolong the lifespan of cancer patients. Alternatively speaking, patients buy tickets to an early death by buying chemotherapy agents. The cancer industry has been persuading the patients knowing this truth for decades.

A well-known journal “Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences” published the research work of Dr. Jones where he mentioned that cancer patients who ignored any kind of treatment enjoyed an average life span of 12 and half years whereas who received conventional treatments managed to live only three years on average.

Shocking results!

One of the most common effects of chemotherapy that you all probably know is: Alopecia, or simpler terms, hair loss. But there’s much more to chemotherapy than that.

Surprisingly, cancer patients who refused to get conventional treatments like surgery, chemo or radiotherapy, and did nothing enjoyed four times longer lifespan than those who received treatment. The media never let people know this cruel truth. The giant pharmaceutical companies kept the media well-fed so that people always believe that chemotherapies are essential cancer treatment options.

Dr. Jones suggested that his study findings could be applied to breast cancer as well. Evidence says that breast cancer patients who ignored standard anticancer treatments and followed only healthy lifestyle lived four times longer than women going for those treatment options.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, only 2% cancers are chemo-sensitive, and the remainders are either radiosensitive or resistant to all.

The Journal of American Medical Association published a study suggesting that only a few options used to treat breast cancer are effective. Most commercial therapies are simply a waste of the patients’ money.

Among others, appetite loss is also one of the most threatening effects of chemotherapy.

There’s an alternative

Natural cancer treatment options are safer and more effective than conventional therapies. Natural remedies are being established by scientific studies as better and safer options for cancer treatment and are turning our faces away from conventional therapies.

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