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I often wonder what might have happened if my husband would have opted to have the surgery performed locally. The very word cancer evokes such fear, that people are willing to accept the antiquated, limited options of mutilating surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation without question.  Get rid of this stuff as soon as possible—no matter the long-term consequences—because no one thinks about long term.  And why does the medical profession feed this fear and refuse to educate themselves about current, well researched and documented scientific PROOF that cancer is being reversed, defeated, and cured NOW?

To this day, my husband will not talk about his experience with cancer. Integrating back into “normal” is very difficult even after you are declared cancer free. The fear of it coming back is always lurking. A simple runny nose makes you wonder.  Everything changes. At the same time there are many lessons. Who really matters, don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff, and most of all–gratitude for breath, another sunrise, one more band concert, and love.  Fear is incapacitating–love is healing.

David Wolfe talks about how doctors and patients are programmed by old thinking. He mentions a book by Thomas Kuhn (1962) titled: “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” David says that often times scientific theories can be so entrenched in society and protected by the Ivory Tower of medical practitioners, that people no longer even question their validity. And perhaps society may have actually gotten so far on an incorrect assumption, that it was never questioned. Take Louis Pasteur and his germ theory. Western medicine continues to operate under this false belief that germs cause disease. On his deathbed, Pasteur himself admitted, “I have been wrong. The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.”

Eventually, evidence is so profound that is contrary to popular belief, or even violates the walled up Ivory Tower theory; and this evidence becomes available in such an abundant and undeniable way, that the walls of the Ivory Tower crumble and the old theory falls apart. But Western medicine is so SLOW to embrace leading edge science that it takes at least 15 to 20 years to penetrate and change the academics (professors) of medicine that decide what will be the “Standards of Practice.” And so, the standards of practice continue to be medieval and archaic. Doctors of Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine, on the other hand, KNOW that cancer means your body is out of balance.


When you understand healing at the cellular level, cellular metabolism is the primary focus, rather than disease syndromes with scary names and individual treatment protocols. The cause of disease is cellular malfunction– which in turn, is caused by two things:

  • Too much acid (toxicity)
  • Too little nutrients (deficiency)


Chemotherapy and radiation get rid of tumors, but they do not get rid of cancer. If you only treat tumors with chemo and radiation, you remove the tumor—but where does it go? It doesn’t just evaporate. The cells go back into your bloodstream to be eliminated. If your immune system is strong, eventually it will eliminate the debris. But your immune system will not be strong if it has to keep fighting against toxins. All tumors begin as a single sugar hoarding rebel cell. Most experts agree, it takes between 2-12 years from single cell to tumor. Chemo, surgery, and radiation breakdown tumors, but you still have circulating tumor and stem cells in your bloodstream. The biggest fear when my husband had his surgery and the tumor was removed in pieces, was that one of those cancer pieces would spill into his blood stream and head down toward the base of his brain.


Even if your scans are clear–you must also get rid of these circulating cells in the blood to know the cancer is gone. How do I know this? Because these circulating cells are what your doctor measures as “cancer markers.” Ever wonder why on follow up your scans are clear—and the next time you go back your markers are up? Now you know why. You body has not eliminated the circulating tumor and stem cells. You can do this naturally by detoxification.

At the cellular level, the battle for survival is an epic one and played out in the river of life called your bloodstream. White blood cells, known as lymphocytes, defend your body from foreign invaders, cancer cells, and toxins.  Macrophages are grown up white blood cells that attack and gobble up foreign invaders and cancer cells. Macrophage means “big eater.” They essentially salivate or secrete substances called cytokines that scope out the battlefield. Cytokines decide how the immune system will respond—keep eating up all the garbage, or surrender. When macrophages are exhausted, they die on the battlefield. Your entire immune system will begin to decline—your natural killer cells and T-cell levels go down, your bone marrow dries up and you won’t produce B cells—the circulating cancer cells and chemo toxins will seize the opportunity to take over—your pH changes from the packed acids and toxins and you lose your appetite because your blood is full of toxins. So wouldn’t it be logical to stop adding toxins and instead recruit more soldiers? If you’re pouring in toxins faster than you’re building the soldiers to fight them, you’re losing the battle. Dr. Connealy, quoted above, says it best:


“Blood delivers the groceries. Lymph takes out the garbage.”

 We all know what happens when the garbage collectors go on strike.


Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for his discovery that cancer cells only thrive in low oxygen. When your body cells and tissues are acidic (below pH of 6.5 – 7.0), they lose their ability to exchange oxygen, and cancer cells are able to thrive by the process of fermentation. Normal cells thrive in oxygen rich environments. Cancer cells hate oxygen. There are alternative therapies based upon that that fact alone. Doctors have known about the importance of oxygen and alkalinity since 1931! They have studied Dr. Warburg’s work and Nobel Prize, yet never tell a cancer patient about the importance of alkalinity.

This is why I immediately understood the scientific credibility of Dr. Robert Young.  Dr. Young is a world-renowned microbiologist who practices and teaches a revolutionary technique to view live blood samples to identify nutritional deficiencies and acidic toxicity. It’s like high school biology on steroids! From a single drop of capillary blood taken from your finger and immediately magnified on a computer screen, you can see exactly what is in your blood at this very moment! The characters are all there; red blood cells, white blood cells, parasites, cancer cells, etc. I have had it done twice. It is fascinating and scary. It forces you to accept the truth. You are what you eat. Live blood doesn’t lie.  Nor does Dr. Young. He is a brilliant scientist with impeccable integrity, who conscientiously researches and shares his knowledge. Never take my word for it. Remember that the best research is that which is seen with your own eyes, heard with your own ears and filtered with an open mind. Here is an example of live blood—courtesy of David Wolfe’s Longevity Conference—watch the macrophage eat!

 When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we were never told anything about pH balance. Dietary modifications were never discussed at all and in fact were dismissed as having no correlation to disease.  I had no idea that cancer cells feed on SUGAR.  All carbohydrates break down into sugar. Soda is loaded with sugar. Some fruits are high in sugar—even carrots and beets are high in sugar.

The doctors ordered a PET scan. It was considered “experimental” at the time. Positron Emission Tomography is now a common test where a positron-emitting radionuclide (radioactive tracer) is paired with glucose and injected into your body through an intravenous solution. Then you wait an hour. Meanwhile, sugar hoarding cancer cells gobble up the sugar. These sugar cells are radioactive and can be seen with a scanner. The tumors are illuminated. They are surrounded by sugar. This is how they see if your cancer has spread to other areas. The point being, doctors knew way back then that cancer craves sugar. This amazed me. How could they know this and still insist that there was no correlation between diet and cancer? I mean, even Hippocrates—way back in 300 BC, said, “Let FOOD be thy medicine.” In order for a cancer cell to take in abundant amounts of sugar, it has to form extra blood vessels to receive it all. These extra intake vessels or receptor sites have the appearance of crab legs and claws. A regular cell has 4 receptor sites. A cancer cell has 96.  This is how it is able to overwhelm your immune system. You would think that today, 12 years later, doctors would advise patients about sugar–but in my experience, this is not the case. Not only that, but they refuse to acknowledge that diet plays any significant role. Last summer, I asked a radiologist about building bone marrow with wheat grass and the herb “Milk Thistle.” He dismissed me with a wave of his hands—as if I was a two year old—and told me that had “nothing to do with it” and recommended a popular pill with severe side effects.

Stressful thoughts of fear, anger, resentment, etc.—set off a cascade of hormonal events designed to save your life.  Remember, our stress response is designed to deal with eminent danger and “fight or flight” decisions. It is the role of the hormone adrenaline to remove/utilize glucose (sugar) from the body’s cells for instant energy to either fight or run and then return to the pre-stress state. Prolonged stress causes a depletion of adrenaline. Depleted adrenaline causes a build up of glucose in the cells, and increased circulating cortisol (acid) to balance the adrenaline. This sets up the ideal environment for cancer cells to thrive.

All healing begins in your mind with your thoughts. The subconscious beliefs that we carry have the most impact. Your thoughts transmit to neuropeptides–neuropeptides bind to immune cells–all immune cells have a neuropeptide receptor–therefore your thoughts become your immune system.  People who do not look at cancer as a death sentence, or something that comes from the outside and is taking over their life, can beat cancer. The fact that you have a diagnosis simply means that you have become aware of something that has been imbalanced in your body for many years. Listen to your internal wisdom—it will never lead you astray.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer did amazing work with extreme scientific accuracy proving 100% of the time by using brain scans—that all cancers correspond to an unresolved emotional conflict. Check it out! You must also do the emotional work to heal your Soul.


Rumi says it best: “Fall in love. Close your eyes. Stay there.”

Start by loving yourself. Unconditionally . . .


These are my favorite resources! You will find lots of therapies to help cancer patients work through these issues to heal. There are many treatment options and they are beautifully explained:

Deep Healing” by my fave–Dr. Emmett E. Miller  (referenced before) pages 207-245.

Defeat Cancer” by Connie Strasheim–this book is AWESOME!!!!! This book will give you strategies from 15 doctors who are treating cancer and defeating it successfully!

Cancer is Curable NOW NEW IN 2013 BY DR. ROBERT YOUNG!


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (I like Nature’s Way)






Just to summarize and add a few details:

EXERCISE–According to the DVD “Cancer is curable NOW,” exercise is mandatory and reduces cancer by 50% and is like “chemotherapy without side effects.” (Quote by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD. Link above) Make it fun!

OXYGEN–sing and chant out loud! Stop fermenting! “Take each breath that’s given to you, to love back the ones who love you!”

SUNLIGHT–you must supplement with Vitamin D3! 
It has to be D “3″.  Everything else is synthetic. And go sit in the sun for a little while– but please don’t put gobs of sunscreen on or you will block the healing rays.

REDUCE YOUR STRESS–what makes you happy and peaceful?  Meditate, pet your dog, walk on the beach, listen to music, and try yoga or QiGong or doing more of what you love.

And never ever give up! There are many people who have lived “happily ever after” despite incredible odds! Here is the story of one of them!

Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani

QUOTES: “Aren’t you dying to start living”  &

                “”Take each breath that’s given to you, to love back the ones who love you.” 

The song “FEEL” by the group “Chicago”



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