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Washington State is home to some of the most beautiful campgrounds that provide more than enough activities for the entire family and the adventurous individual. From hiking to kayaking specific campgrounds throughout Washington State offer it all. Drive a recreational vehicle to the family-friendly campgrounds near Mt. Rainier and take in the breathtaking scenery that can only be enjoyed to the fullest in person or hike through the trails within the Olympic Mountains and discover some of the primitive campgrounds to build a fire and sleep beneath the stars. It is in Washington State, the evergreen state, that nature can be truly appreciated while outdoors camping.

Middle Waddel Campground – Olympia, Washington
Middle Waddel Campground located in Olympia, Washington is one of the most popular camping sites to experience when visiting the capital of Washington. This is because Middle Waddel Campground is a family friendly campground while still providing many outdoor activities for the adventurous individual. Middle Waddel Campground is excellent for those who would like to ride trails designed for dirt bikes and ATVs. As well as the entire family can enjoy other outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and even shooting.

The Middle Waddel Campground has special designated camping locations for groups that would like to experience both camping by tent and recreational vehicle. Each camping designation is located closely to the hikes and trails that are accessible by foot, dirt bike, or ATV. Located just a short car ride down the road from the campgrounds is the shooting range where families can bring their rifles and pistols to enjoy sport shooting. A little further in the same direction of the shooting range families and individuals can find the entrances to Cedar Creek where paddlers of all types can experience the category II whitewater with their canoes, kayaks, or rafts.

Margaret McKenny Campground – Olympia, Washington
Margaret McKenny Campground is located in Olympia Washington and is a very large campground with a stream nearby. The Margaret McKenny Campground is family friendly and even has roughly 1,900 feet of handicapped accessible barrier-free paved trails so that no family member is left behind during this camping trip. Other activities that can be enjoyed at the Margaret McKenny Campground include; horseback riding, rafting, fishing, golfing, and of course hiking.

The Margaret McKenny Campground offers over 100 miles of hikes and trails throughout the Olympic Capitol Forest including overnight camping spots. The campgrounds are open to campfires and picnic tables can be found at some of the larger campsites. Handicap toilets are also accessible and placed conveniently close by the campsites. Recreational Vehicles are open to some of the first campsites located within the campground however; traveling further inward may be somewhat difficult as access to vehicles becomes restricted due to more primitive style campsites.

White River Campground – Mt. Rainier, Washington
The White River Campground is an especially great campground for families visiting Mt. Rainier during the summer time specifically for the Sunrise area hiking trails. The Sunrise area hiking trails, which open and close mid June through late September, is unlike any other area in the country. Sunrise Point, which can be accessed through the White River Campground, provides a panoramic view of five spectacular volcanoes; Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mount Adams, Glacier Peak, and Mt. Hood located in Oregon.

The White River Campground is open to groups that would like to camp via tents or recreational vehicles. However, the RV max length is 32’ and trailer max length is 27’. The elevation of the White River Campground is 4,400 feet and is home to 112 different campsites made for tents and recreational vehicles. Annual park passes can be purchased to cover the camping site fee however, out of state residents will only have to pay a camping fee of $12. Be sure to visit the White River Campground, Sunrise hiking trails, and the Mount Rainier Guest Services and lodging.

Cougar Rock Campground – Mt. Rainier, Washington
Not too far from the White River Campground is the Cougar Rock Campground at the Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. The Cougar Rock Campground is open to families who would like to camp by tent or RV. Located close by the Cougar Rock Campground are the Paradise Hiking Trails, Narada Falls, and a visitor center and entrance station named Longmire which has welcomed visitors since the 1880’s.

Cougar Rock Campground is home to 173 campsites with five sites specifically designed for groups. The elevation of the Cougar Rock Campground is 3,180 feet and is accessible between late May and through late September. For families bringing an RV the max length is 35 feet and the max trailer length is 27 feet. Dumping stations, toilets, fire grates, and water is available at the Cougar Rock Campground however; a camping site fee will depend on the size of the group attending the trip.

Bear Creek Campground – Olympic Mountains, Washington
Bear Creek Campground is one of the most primitive and quietest campgrounds that can be found in Washington State. Located within the Olympic Mountains the Bear Creek Campground truly is the center of everything that can be explored in the North Olympic Peninsula. The nearest city near the Bear Creek Campgrounds is Forks, Washington which has received an increase in visitors in recent years thanks to the infamous books and movies “Twilight.”

The Bear Creek Campground is somewhat difficult to get to as the campgrounds are mostly primitive. Facilities are also few in numbers so families that enjoy traditional camping will truly love their visit at the Bear Creek Campground. Although the Bear Creek Campground is open year round the best months to camp out are the spring and summer months specifically for the fishing, white water paddling, swimming, and of course hiking.



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