Adjusting back to Day Shift from Graveyard Shift


Adjusting back to day shift from graveyard shift.

Just like adjusting to the graveyard shift for the first time, adjusting back to day shift can be difficult. Fortunately though there are a few tips that may be useful when making the transition. For example, diet timing and structure will make a significant difference with energy preservation as well as the timing of naps and sleep. Eating and sleeping at the right times will help any individual reserve the proper amount of energy for their next shift regardless if it is daytime or nighttime.

Outside Noise
Sleeping through outside noises is harder for those who are adjusting to working the graveyard shift for the first time. Personally I found this to be one of the hardest adjustments. This is because graveyard shift workers must collect their sleep while the majority of their surrounding areas work. However, for those who are adjusting back to the day shift receiving sleep at night is fairly easy. The only difficulty is simply being able to sleep. The length of time spent working graveyard shifts will be the biggest factor to how long it takes before being able to receive a full nights rest.

Traffic Flow
Of the harder adjustments worth mentioning adjusting back to rush-hour traffic and bumper-to-bumper gridlock is one of them. This was not easy for me after many years of working the graveyard shift. Graveyard shift workers have the luxury of dealing with fewer people throughout their shifts. This also means that graveyard shift workers have the luxury of not having to sit through traffic jams to and from their way to work.

People Interaction
Of all the adjustments necessary to make for the transition from graveyard to day shift people interaction, or customer service, I consider to be one of the hardest. This is because during graveyard shifts people interaction is usually down to a minimum depending upon the type of occupation held. Therefore the constant and continuous demand for people interaction may become slightly unnerving if the adjustment is made to quickly.

For the most part adjusting back to day shift after working graveyard shifts is fairly easy. Initially it is harder to adjust to the graveyard shift because it is the exact opposite schedule of what society is conditioned to work under. However, besides the brief interactions of customer service adjusting back to the day shift can be done in a fraction of the time that it took to adjust to the graveyard shift.



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