What Acne Reveal About Your Health


According to Chinese Ancient Medicine, the place on your face where acne appears is connected to a certain health problem you may be facing without knowing. Different parts on your face correspond to different organs in your body. Learn what acne reveal about your body’s health:

1. Upper Forehead

If your acne appear on your upper forehead, you may be facing bad digestion and bladder disorders. There is a huge buildup of toxins if the food isn’t digested thoroughly and the symptoms appear as acne on your upper forehead. To avoid this, drink as much water as you can, preferably 8 to 10 glasses a day in order to flush out toxic materials from your body. You should also avoid eating sugars and fatty products. Include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink plenty of antioxidant liquids, such as green tea and lemon water.

2. Lower Forehead

Inactivity, poor nutrition and mental and physical stress affects the heart immensely. If the organ that pumps blood all over your body is stressed out, then you are likely to get acne on your lower forehead. All parts of your body will be affected if you don’t address this problem. Therefore, regular cardio work out, eating healthy and keeping your stress levels low are the main steps to solve this problem. And your acne will soon disappear.


If you notice large and painful pimples on your ears, then, this means that you have some kidney troubles. These problems are usually caused by dehydration or not drinking enough water. Consuming too much salt and coffee is one of the factors for kidney troubles.

4.Eyes, Orbital Area and between the Eyebrows

Your liver may be over-stressed if you notice oiliness, flakiness, pimples and redness between eyebrows. Avoid sugar, fats and greasy foods, dairy products and drink less alcohol. Eating late before going to bed also adds to the problem. Your liver will spend an extra amount of effort processing saturated fats, therefore don’t go over with them. Make sure you have as much as you can of these foods: grapefruit, green tea, beets, carrots, garlic, limes and lemons.

5. Upper Cheeks

If you notice broken capillaries, acne and flare ups in your upper cheeks, then, you may be facing troubles with your lungs. Smoking, allergies, asthma and lung infections, polluted air are all factors that make them more difficult to work properly. So, stop smoking immediately, avoid being in a room where others smoke. Passive smoking can affect your lungs even more than active smoking.

6. Lower Cheeks

Acne appearing in the lower cheeks area are a symptom of gum and teeth problems. Sugary drinks, such as soda and artificial flavors are a number one cause of tooth decay and gum infections. Make sure your teeth are in a great condition by biting and chewing your food, especially, your fruits and vegetables. Brush your teeth after your meals, and floss them at least twice a week to clean up all the toxic materials from in-between areas.

7. Sides of the Chin

Hormonal imbalance, emotional, physical stress, and problems in the genital area often occur as pimples in the sides of the chin. Have regular sleeping patterns, consume plenty of vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, if you want to get rid of that awful acne on both sides of your chin. You can achieve hormonal balance by including some herbs into your daily nutrition plans, such as holy basil, maca, red raspberry leaves, licorice, burdock, Schisandra, milk thistle and Rhodiola. Drink at one to three cups of green tea a day as an additional anti-androgen to achieve faster results.

8. Centre of the Chin

If you notice acne in the center of your chin then your intestines suffer from food allergies and poor diet. Include a sufficient amount of fiber in your diet by using these 13 sources of fiber, whole fruits, and vegetables and drink as much water as possible.

9. Chest and Neck

Acne on your neck and chest usually appear due to stress and fatigue. If you feel tired all the time, try to eliminate that stress with yoga and meditation. Your body may be fighting off infections if your skin on your neck flares up. Therefore, when you feel too tired, learn to rest. Having a nap during the hard-working days is an excellent way to feel energized in the late afternoon hours.


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