Acknowledging and Honing Our Sovereign Free Will


In drafting the Constitution, the founders acknowledged the inherent sovereignty of the individual and recognized the necessity to place restrictions on the extent to which the government could make demands against an individual’s sovereign free will. The founders understood that to do anything less than guarantee personal sovereignty was a prescription for reestablishing the offences of tyranny.
The Constitution did not grant, nor distribute the sovereignty of Kings and Gods unto the people. It presumed no such power. It recognized the inherent lie that underscored the claims of Kings to rule as sovereigns by divine right over the people. It acknowledged the merits and the potentials of the sovereignty and free will of all persons, regardless of status or bloodlines.
Flawed though it was in its exclusion of women and slaves as true persons, hypocritical as it was in accepting the demands of the South for continued slavery, as willingly blind as it was in justifying the decimation of nations of Native Peoples, and as contentious as it was in pitting Christians and Deists against one another as they struggled to draft the language of freedom, the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in itself, demonstrated the transformative power of free will and the courage of a people to acknowledge their sovereign right to self-determination.
Free will is as much a skill to be honed as it is an inherent sovereign right. It is founded in the primacy of the sovereign soul and in the body as the material expression of the soul. The responsibility to nurture and hone one’s free will is as onerous as the anticipated retribution for demonstrating freedom in the face of tyranny and as freeing as knowing with certainty the “Thou Art” energy of love and deep eternal consciousness, never truly separated from the “God” consciousness or Source.
Exercising free will as a child is done under the protective eyes of loving parents. Wise parents pair the child’s intuition and innate inquisitiveness so that the child will learn discernment. As the child matures and is more capable of protecting one’s self, self-determination and free will are the critical tools for exploration, creativity, independent thinking and developing compassion. These skills support the maturation of the child into a thoughtful, responsible adult. Honing and expressing these skills is the inherent right of every individual sovereign soul.
The perception of separation from the “God” consciousness allowed us, as spiritual toddlers taking our first steps, to begin the process of sovereign individuation. Religion, at best should have served as training wheels on the bicycle of the child-like soul, but in maintaining false primacy, it became the fear inducing gargoyle, stunting and controlling the free will. The role of government is solely to respect the boundaries of individuals and enforce laws to prevent the violation of those boundaries by others. Interference beyond that point as either Nanny State or tyrant is a violation of the acknowledgement and development of the sovereign’s free will. Developing and nurturing our individual sovereign free will has always been necessary for the unfolding, remembering and awakening of “God” consciousness within all individuals as a process of maturation of the soul.
The language of free will must also be understood. The term liberty denotes that freedoms are granted and that the government is the parental sovereign. Freedom is based on the sovereign free will of each individual person and the limitation of infringement or government intrusion. Liberty and freedom are fundamentally at odds because they are definitive and separate states in the development of sovereign free will. By using these words interchangeably, we muddy not only the language, but our understanding of the process of being a sovereign.
Liberty is a lessening of restrictions and accepting of permissions. Liberty is the teenager asking permission to stay out late with friends. It is a sailor having permission to go ashore. Liberty recognizes the sovereignty of the government over the independence of the individual. Freedom does not kowtow to restrictions and does not ask permission because there is no religion or government that has any rights to impose restrictions nor grant permissions. But freedom is not chaos or anarchy because it is based on mutual respect. The word freedom is a misnomer in that it implies that one is entirely free from obligation, law or construct. Freedom is the synergistic balance that honors and respects the sovereign rights of one’s own person and one’s boundaries and the sovereign rights of others in kind.
Sovereign free will is the demonstration of the primacy of the sovereign soul.
The acknowledgement of sovereign free will as a function of “God” consciousness is arguably more contentious now then it was at the writing of the Constitution. Materialist science denies the existence of free will as a function of consciousness and scorns the notion of “God” consciousness as fantasy. Science demonstrates the formation of conscious thought as a function of the material brain and likewise, that the brain is dependent upon the circumstances of its neurology, its genetics, biology and environment. The brain therefore should not be capable of forming truly independent thought, or of having free will. Evidence for a precursory level of influence upon matter is considered pseudoscience. It does not fit the predictive dogma of the standard model. Ultimately, this self-limiting model of analysis is compatible with the collectivist notion that mankind is incapable of individual competency outside of the parental tutelage of the State.
A less materialist, more quantum scientific approach looks at evidence for the function of the brain as an antenna of sorts, storing memories not in restricted areas of the brain as previously determined, but in the “field” to which the brain has access. Corporate efforts to patent human DNA as studied in the Human Genome Project met with the unanticipated discovery that DNA has receptor functions that interact with conscious thought. Our DNA is not merely a biological blue print whose patterns can be owned or patented. We are not mere machines to be translated into a post-human world. Luckily for us, our DNA is alive with light emitting energy and seems to interact with our conscious thoughts.
Scientifically dissecting the components of this dynamic has been necessary as a stage of our understanding and is relevant to the integrity of our actions. The validation of our sovereignty can be found through both science and personal discernment if we look past the predetermined consensus conclusions set by the gatekeeping of corporate funding and politically motivated peer review.

All of existence, whether it is in ethereal or material form, is the manifestation of the “God” consciousness and sovereign free will. Intention and emotion necessarily precede the formation of energy and matter in this eternal process of creation. Matter in its purest form is energy and energy responds to consciousness. Matter is a vehicle of intent and emotion, sovereign free will in conscious and subconscious motion. Even the words hint at a clue beyond their etymologies as tension is a measure of voltage or of sound vibration and motion is the movement of energy. How we perceive and what we intuit can both provide clues for the direction of our exploration and discernment of truth. Understanding, like life, is dynamic synergy in balance.
All individuals have the sovereign right and responsibility to develop their free will, their individuality, potentials, and gifts. Sovereign individuality creates synergy between the all of the souls who make up the group, potentially awakening and magnifying the life force into the consciously creative energy and intent of Divine Consciousness. Sovereign free will is the electromagnetic spark of compassion and justice, righteousness and boundaries, all in balance with one another. This is our inheritance.
The culture of control, the artificial consensus, the usurper bureaucracies and politicized faiths offer no such balance. They offer you servitude from cradle to grave in the mandated surveillance society. They offer you freedom from the responsibility of logic and discernment. They demand only the surrender of your sovereign free will.
When a nation fails to honor and protect the sovereign free will of its people, it is the responsibility of every individual sovereign to speak out in acknowledgement of one’s sovereign rights. It is the responsibility of every sovereign soul to dispel the fear that rushes in to stifle independent discernment and to stand with certainty in the light of truth. The sovereign source energy within every individual is a power so potent that only wise discernment and deep understanding of free will can enable the sovereign to awaken the peaceful direction of such power. We are only beginning to grasp the significance of this coming of age.
The synergy between the free will of sovereign souls is far stronger than the consensus conformity of the culture of control. Living in fear is no longer an option. Self-determination, self-authority and creativity are our birthright. Acknowledging and honing our sovereign free will, awakening to our responsibility as sovereign souls, is the key to our true freedom.


Marie Oliver