A promising new alternative to antibiotics for UTI


Did you know that one out of five women will develop a urinary tract infection in her lifetime and that UTI is the second most common health concern people visit their doctors for each year? Although less common, even men can develop an infection of the urinary tract. If you have ever suffered from a UTI, you can relate to the painful discomfort and inconvenient, frequent trips to the bathroom. Most commonly caused by stubborn e. coli bacteria that make their way from the colon to the urethra, bladder and kidneys, urinary tract infections threaten the delicate eco-system in our gut that protect immunity. Recurring UTIs are common among some women and low-dose antibiotics are sometimes used to prevent them. The issue is that overuse of the drugs also reduces their effectiveness by making disease-causing bacteria like E. coli resistant. Moreover, if intestinal immunity is already low or compromised when a urinary tract infection strikes, your beneficial flora won’t stand a chance. During a UTI, gut bacteria like E. coli lodge in the vagina and displace good bacteria, called vaginal lactobacilli,  that normally live there. Studies have shown that one natural way to limit recurrent urinary tract infections in women is by replenishing naturally occurring bacteria that live in the vagina.

Let’s take a closer look at how specialized probiotic supplements can help you manage your urinary tract infection.

Urinary Tract Infections Call For Specialized Probiotics

Where beneficial intestinal flora is concerned, the name of the game is “survival of the fittest.” The microscopic bacteria that often cause an infection possess the ability to “cling” to the lining of the urethra, bladder and kidneys making them difficult to dislodge. Recognizing signs and symptoms early is key to avoiding the use of strong antibiotics.

You may have a urinary tract infection if you are experiencing the following:

  • a burning sensation upon urinating
  • intermittent dull cramping in the lower abdomen
  • dark yellow, cloudy urination
  • painful discomfort upon starting and stopping urine stream
  • general malaise and a “flu-like” feeling that can include fever and chills
  • generalized fatigue
  • occasionally blood in the urine

One way to address your UTI issues is to use cranberry extract and combined with a probiotic such as lactobacilli.   Specialized proprietary blend such as Cranbiotix™ let harmful bacteria know they are not welcome in your body!  It contains antioxidants called proanthocyanidins found in the Cranberry extract.  Proanthocyanidins’ support the health of your urethra, bladder and kidneys making them less susceptible to bacterial invasion.

In addition to proanthocyanidins, when we introduce the combination of three key therapeutic probiotics, L. rhamnosus, L. casei and L. acidophilus, e. coli has a difficult time keeping up with the competition. While other probiotics may exert some beneficial effect for urinary infections, stubborn e. coli calls for the unique direct release encapsulation process that CranBiotix™ offers. This process allows beneficial bacteria to reach their target destination in the intestine successfully without the interference of stomach acids.

Some of you may be reading, but thinking, “I’ve actually never experienced a urinary tract infection in my life.” This is great news! If you are ready to maintain immunity and simultaneously continue keeping urinary tract infections at bay, consider our CranBiotix probiotic formula to help balance every day, immune system health.

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Hasnain Walji, Ph.D.