9 Toxic Fake Foods Made in China Contain Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer Causing Chemicals


China is known for many things, but they’re perhaps most infamous for their counterfeit items. Recently it spread across the media about the plastic rice but no one has done anything about it. Consuming this artificial rice can harm the digestive system and also can damage hormones. BPA from the plastic is being ingested in the body, it imitates estrogen, with that – the levels of estrogen are becoming too high. But now theere are more items and products made of this plastic which is poisonous and harmful for your health and can cause various deadly diseases.

9 Toxic Fake Food Items Being Produced In China

Plastic rice
It is trusted that it is really made from potatoes and a fake synthetic resin. At the point when heated up the rice stays hard and does not cook like normal rice. It is trusted that long term impacts of this sustenance could be dangerous. (1)

Imitation Eggs
Some Chinese websites videos claim that you can earn $70 a day by producing & selling fake eggs. Chemicals which is used are “Alginic Acid, Potassium Alum, Gelatin, Calcium Chloride, water and artificial color.” The eggshells are made from Calcium Carbonate. Eating these eggs may cause memory-loss and dementia. (2)

Industrial salt
Industrial salt is unfit for human utilization yet Industrial salt was sold as table salt for a long time! Industrial salt can causet both mental and physical issues, hypothyroid issues and also reproductive system issues. (3)

Chinese Garlic
US inspectors have also found tainted garlic from China. Garlic from China is sprayed with chemicals more than abundantly and this garlic leaves a bad aftertaste, that of a chemical concoction. 31% of Garlic sold in the US is from China. (4)

Walnuts stuffed by cement
In 2012 a man purchased shelled walnuts in Zhengzhou city, China only to find broken concrete pieces inside. The concrete was wrapped in paper to prevent it from making a suspicious noise when the nut was shaken. The vendor who sold the walnuts was trying to gain more profit by selling these fake nuts that were much heavier than the real thing. (5)

Sweet Potato Noodles
A facility in Zhongshan city, China made at least 5.5 tons of fake noodles. In 2011, people started complaining that what were supposed to be sweet potato noodles tasted strange. Further investigation led to a revelation that the noodles were composed of corn with an industrial ink used to give them a purple color, and paraffin wax. (6)

Making beef out of pork
Because pork is less expensive in China, some restaurants have sold it instead of beef – but not before they performed some chemistry on it. What they use are a beef extract and a glazing agent to “marinate” the meat in for 90 minutes. Doctors have advised people to stay away from this fake product as its long-term use may cause “slow poisoning, deformity, and even cancer.” (7)

Green peas
China is exporting fake green peas. These peas have been made of soy beans, snow peas, green color and sodium metabisulfite (a synthetic that is originally used as a bleach and additive). The green color is cancerous and prevents the body to absorb calcium. These peas are not quite like the natural ones when it comes to their look, and when boiled,  they paint the water unnaturally green. (8)

Baby Formula
Their fake formula contains very few nutrients, was likely made of chalk, and makes the children develop a “big head disease,” which makes their heads swell and the rest of their bodies slowly deteriorate. (9)

How can you tell if your apple juice, garlic or mushrooms are from China? It’s difficult to tell. This is why everybody should be shopping locally at your farmers market and getting to know your farmer or supplier.

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