9 Steps To Exfoliate Naturally This Spring


Earlier, we covered 7 steps to a detailed DIY natural exfoliation regimen. As Spring quickly approaches, becoming well-versed with the 9 steps (we added 2 here) to exfoliate naturally will ensure your long-term skin health. Blemish free skin can be obtained by learning how to exfoliate naturally and you can have the skin you dream of by using safe, natural ingredients.

Exfoliate naturally with simple, earthly ingredients to avoid harsh chemicals, over-drying or tearing your skin. No more trying to figure what ingredients are listed on the labels; and definitely no more side effects. Natural ingredients used to exfoliate are typically already in your home or can be purchased at the grocery store. It is literally grocery shopping for your skin.

What Ingredients To Buy?

It is important to know if you have a skin issue such as eczema, acne, or sensitive skin when it comes to picking the natural ingredient you will use to exfoliate with.

Example; for an all-over body natural exfoliation, using raw brown sugar will do the trick. If you want to target a skin issue such as acne, add rose water to the raw sugar for that extra umph your skin needs.

Most natural exfoliators are a mix of naturally infused water, essential oils, organic extracts, and raw sugar.

Below are common examples of natural ingredients which target specific skin needs:

  • Acne Prone Skin: Use Rose Water, Tea Tree Oil, Charcoal Soap.
  • Dry Skin: Use Aloe Vera Pulp, Castile Liquid Soap, Coconut Oil.
  • Sensitive Skin: Use Lavender infused organic soap, Eucalyptus Oil, Green Tea Extracts.

Read more about a natural soap regimen here. 

Exfoliate Naturally with 9 Easy-to-Follow Steps:

Once you have selected your mix, get ready to indulge in applying the different ingredients in a specific area or all over your body.

  • Step 1: Select your water or oil base, add organic extracts or raw sugar. Then add a drop of your favorite natural liquid soap.

  • Step 2: Mix ingredients with a wooden spoon (you may use any spoon but a wooden spoon seems to add to the atmosphere).

  • Step 3: Smell your amazing natural exfoliant making sure it complements a “Spring awakening”.  

  • Step 4: Get your bath/shower ready and prepare to indulge. Use warm water to open your pores. This will ensure that the exfoliation removes all dirt and skin cell build up.

  • Step 5: Apply mixture to skin in small, gentle circular motions.

  • Step 6: Take your time massaging the natural ingredients into your skin. You will notice how your skin becomes smoother.

  • Step 7: After targeting all the desired areas, allow mixture to sit on the skin for up to 3 minutes.

  • Step 8: Rinse off with cold water. It is important to note that cold water closes your pores and allows any medicinal ingredients to stay locked in.

  • Step 9: Enjoy your naturally exfoliated skin. Even though this is the easiest step, it is also the most rewarding step that encourages you to follow your own regimen. 

Exfoliate Naturally this Spring to achieve beautiful, lavish skin without unwanted side effects or braking someone’s wallet. It is super enjoyable to come up with a skin recipe suited for you, selected by you, and applied by you just the way you want it.




Audrey Lefebvre