9 Signs You’re Over-stressed


Life without stress is mission impossible. Everything that happens in your environment is, in a way, stressful to your body. It shows in a good or in a bad way. It influences your thoughts, your emotions, your immune system and your overall body. Moreover, experiencing more stress than your body can handle can lead to many illnesses. If you are over-stressed, your body will show you the signs.  Here are nine symptoms that your body signals you that you are over-stressed and you are not aware of it.

  1. You feel constant pain

When your body is influenced by an increased amount of stress, it will start to signal you in a form of pain. It can be in a form of muscle pain, or you could experience diarrhea, stomach cramps, or even chest pains and palpitations. If you notice any of these symptoms, you are most likely over-stressed. Don’t ignore them. Start taking better care of yourself right now.

  1. You are sleep deprived

If you suffer from lack of sleep, or your quality of sleep is low, then you probably have these issues due to stress. It is really hard to be efficient at work when you don’t get enough sleep. Nevertheless, the problem can be easily solved with proper breathing, meditation, exercise and healthy diet. Furthermore, you can decrease your stress levels in the evening hours avoiding watching the news. Reading or listening to gentle music can be soothing and your quality of sleep will gradually become better.

  1. You gain or lose weight with no particular reason

A good sign that you are over-stressed is if you have weight fluctuations. Moreover, change in appetite is also a very good symptom that you are exposed to more stress than your body can handle. You can either lose your appetite or you overeat and gain a lot of weight. Emotional overeating is as dangerous as not eating at all. If you are struggling with weight problems, your body may be telling you that you are over-stressed. Your brain is telling you why it is hard to lose weight.

  1. You are obsessed with work

It might sound ironic, but people most often worry about things that never happen. Worrying too much is like paying a debt you don’t owe. You are over-stressed if you constantly checking your phone, emails or any other forms of communication from work. It is suffocating you. Therefore, you need to give yourself some time for yourself.

  1. You can’t sit still

You are over-stressed if you find it difficult to sit in contemplation, do some yoga stretching or any gentle exercises. This is a sign that your mind is your worst enemy and you need to find a way to relax.

  1. You show impatience with other people around you

You suffer from too much stress if you notice that you are intolerable with your closed ones. Hence, if you bear more than you can carry on your shoulders, you get angry easily and anxiety is governing your emotions. Slow down a bit and find something good in your life. You’ll be surprised how beautiful life is when you spend some little time in gratitude.

  1. Your mood changes every two minutes

Your body suffers from too much stress if you notice that you have too many mood swings over the course of one day. Talking to your closed ones can help a lot. But, if your stress level is still high, then you should try to look help from a professional.

  1. You are losing your hair

Being over-stressed can cause your hair to fall more than usual. Losing 100 hairs a day is considered normal. However, if you notice that you are losing too much for a prolonged period of time, then you need to address your problems more seriously.

  1. You lose your desire for sex

When you are facing more problems you can handle your libido suffers. When the level of stress is increased, hormone secretions for sexual desire decrease. Try to relax and give yourself some rest before it’s too late. Your body suffers if you are unable to experience any kind of intimacy.

Stress is a slow death. Stop a minute and ask yourself whether you have any of these symptoms. If you do, listen what your body is telling you and address your problems right now. It can save your life.