9 Safe Home Remedies to Treat Acid Reflux Disease


Acid reflux affects 50 percent of Americans. Some of you may know the health condition as gastro esophageal reflux disease. Some of the solutions for treating this condition are usually over the counter and prescription medications, but most come with side effects. Instead, home remedies should be used in milder cases because they are just as affective if not more affective and a lot safer to take on a regular basis to keep the condition under control. However, before we discuss what those home remedies are let us discuss what acid reflux is exactly.

What exactly is acid reflux disease?

Acid reflux is when the acid solution from your digestive system travels back up into your esophagus causing a burning sensation and sometimes-bad breath and a distasteful taste in your mouth. Other symptoms are nausea, coughing, wheezing, eroded tooth enamel and induced asthma. Some of the main causes of the disorder are poor diet, obesity, illness and age.

What are some home remedies for treating acid reflux disease naturally?

When weight loss and diet change don’t help remedy the condition, it’s time to try some home remedies to help treat the acid reflux disorder. Some of the best home remedies are:

1- Aloe Vera: The juice from aloe vera has a substance in it that helps coat the lining of the digestive tract and esophagus. The juice also helps balance the digestive system’s acids and improves digestion. Drinking a small glass of the juice each day can prevent acid reflux from occurring.

2- Raw Almonds: Munching on raw almonds can balance the digestive acids in the stomach also, which helps reduce acid reflux. This is because almonds contain loads of calcium.

3- Lemon Tea: First thing in the morning, sipping on a hot cup of lemon tea can help balance out acid levels in the digestive system. Simply add two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice into eight ounces of warm water and mix in some honey for sweetness. Then, drink the beverage down and do not eat anything for 30-minutes.

4- Baking Soda: A mixture of warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda is the perfect remedy for treating acid reflux and balancing acids in the tummy.

5- Apple Cider: Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water or a hot decaffeinate tea with some lemon juice and honey is another great way to ease acid reflux naturally. This is because apple cider vinegar contains beneficial enzymes and acids that help balance the ph levels in the digestive system.

6- Apples: Snacking on apples before and after a meal is a good way to provide your digestive system with enzymes that help you digest your food properly so acid reflux doesn’t occur.

7- Probiotics: Adding a probiotic supplement to your daily diet can also improve digestion and rid you from chronic GERD symptoms.

8- Slippery Elm: This herb contains a substance in it that soothes irritated tissues in the lining of the esophagus and digestive tract. Taking slippery elm supplements twice daily should help quiet your reflux disorder.

9- Chamomile: Chamomile is a wonderful herb that contain antacid properties. Sipping on a hot cup of chamomile tea whenever acid reflux strikes is a great way to relieve the symptoms of this condition.

The home remedies for treating and even curing acid reflux are endless. Some other ones to consider are chewing on peppermint gum, sipping on fenugreek tea and chewing on a piece of raw ginger. Whichever remedy you decide to use make sure you speak with your doctor first to make sure it is safe and right for you.

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