9 Reasons why You should try Shilajit Today


What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a cure-all Ayurvedic medicine found in the Himalayas.

It has been an essential component for Ayurvedic treatments since ages.

Why should you use it regularly?

Ayurveda has stated various life changing benefits of Shilajit for men and women of all ages.

Below are the 8 most amazing reasons why you should use it.

Reasons to use Shilajit

1. Maintains T level

Low testosterone is more common issue in men than one think it is. Ayurveda has stated Shilajit as one of the prime components that help increase testosterone level in men.

2. Enhances low sex drive

Shilajit is known as “Indian Viagra”. In the Indian subcontinent, it has been in use as a treatment for low sex drive and sexual weakness in both men and women.

3. Prevents aging

Shilajit is rich in antioxidants and fulvic acid. This maintains and protect your skin’s elasticity preventing formation of wrinkles.

4. Increases immunity and stamina

When taken regularly, Shilajit can work wonders increasing your immunity and core strength. The fulvic acid in Shilajit detoxifies your body and helps in digestion.

Likewise, Shilajit is a great energizer recommended by Ayurvedic doctors through centuries. It improves the nutrition to your body’s cells with higher intake of electrolytes. This, in turn, improves your energy levels and stamina.

5. Anti Diabetic activity

Various natural medicines have been mentioned in Ayurveda for treating Diabetes. And, Shilajit is one of them. The minerals present in Shilajit enhances glucose-lowering ability and improves the lipid profile. Not only does Shilajit treat diabetes, it also prevents it.

6. Reduces inflammation

The antioxidants present in Shilajit reduces the inflammation caused by your joint pain, renal organs or digestive tracts.

7. Anti-stress/adaptogenic activity

Shilajit also exhibits anti-stress properties which relaxes the body by promoting the movement of minerals through muscles, bones and tissues.

8. Enhances memory and concentration

The nanotropic activity of Shilajit helps in memory acquisition and retention. This is one of the few natural medicines that can enhance your memory.

Before you buy

You can find Shilajit of various brands in various forms (capsule, resin, powder, resin tablet). Generally, resin in semi-liquid or tablet form is better. Don’t go for cheap Shilajit capsules just because it’s cheap. Always buy from trusted brands.


Shilajit is a natural medicine which has numerous benefits and is mostly free of adverse effects. For best results, consume Shilajit with milk.


Ranjit Bhatta
Ranjit is a huge natural and organic product lover and tries to incorporate them in his daily life. His goal is to share his success with nature while keeping up with the modern needs. He is a big fan of Ayurveda, specially Shilajit - an Ayurvedic panacea. Besides nature, he's an avid massage lover specializing in massage chairs.