9 Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil


Black cumin seed oil is an important medicinal oil that been used for centuries in Arabian, African and Asian countries. Modern research is validating its many traditional uses for diseases: It has been used for cleansing the liver, treating diarrhea, reducing blood pressure, supporting healthy digestion, treating skin disorders, reducing fluid retention and stimulating the appetite, reducing pain and inflammation, regulating the immune system.

Black cumin seed oil is popularly used in cooking as well as in herbal remedies, continue reading to find out what this super oil can do for you:

1- Black cumin seed oil is a simple way to combat indigestion and excess gas formation, it might aid in the digestion process and reduce bloating discomfort.

2- This seed oil helps asthmatic patients in easy breathing by clearing and opening up the breathing pathways, this is due to an active ingredient it contains, nigellone.

3- The rich vitamins in black cumin seed oil help improve hair texture and strengthen hair in the natural way. Same improvements are observed in skin and nail health. Apply it directly or add it in other herbal beauty products for easy usage.

1) A paste made from black seed powder, nigella seed oil and sesame seed oil is a natural remedy for treating dry skin. Apply this for a week to see  noticeable changes in your skin type.

2) A paste containing nigella seeds and apple cider vinegar can be used to cure acne. Apply it on the affected area and leave it for some minutes. Do it on a regular basis.

3) Black cumin seed oil is also a popular hair growth remedy. See how it works and how you can use it for the thicken hair.

4- Black cumin seed oil serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. The rich antioxidant content aids in curbing rheumatoid arthritis pain . Massage black seed oil into the affected joints deeply, your pain will be relieved.

5- If you feel hard to get a sound sleep, consume one tablespoon of the mixture made with black cumin seed oil and honey before you go to bed. This is a simple effective remedy for insomnia.

6- Black cumin seed oil can be used to treat toothaches, rub a small amount of the oil on the tooth and affected gum. A glass of water mixed with a half teaspoon of black cumin seed oil works too, use it as a mouth wash when you feel painful.

7- It is also a great energy booster. Mix black cumin seed oil with a glass of pure orange juice every morning, then have breakfast.

8- Mix a cup of carrot juice with half a teaspoon of the black cumin seed oil and drink, it’s good for your vision and able to prevent some eye diseases.

9- Black cumin seed oil can increase the amount of milk in nursing mothers due to a combination of elements of the lipid and hormonal structure contained therein.

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