9 Essential Products for Healthy Travel


Products for Healthy Travel

If your summer vacation is just around the corner, it’s time to start making your packing list. Deciding what to put in your suitcase can be a little tough regardless of where you’re heading. However, the most important things to bring along are the items that will keep you healthy on your trip. Here are nine products that will help you do just that.


Sunscreen is a must if your vacation plans include spending any time outside. Getting a bad sunburn while on vacation can put a damper on your trip and compromise your skin’s health, so applying SPF is vital. Make sure to bring at least SPF 30 and re-apply after every two hours of being outside.  Please make sure it is a sunscreen free of harmful chemicals (go to EWG.org for help choosing one.

 Bug Spray

Nobody wants to spend their summer vacation covered in uncomfortable and itchy insect bites. Pack a bottle of bug spray to help keep the bugs away. can minimize on swatting, buzzing and biting and maximize your vacation fun by spritzing your clothes before heading out the door.


Dehydration can cause serious problems, so making sure you have a viable water source while on vacation is vital to your health. It’s especially important to bring your own water source if you’re traveling to a place that has poor wastewater management. This will keep you hydrated and prevent you from becoming ill from drinking unclean water.


Airborne is an absolute necessity if your plans include travelling by plan. This product is packed with antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and herbal extracts that work to keep your immune system strong and fight colds. Dissolving a tablet of Airborne in water and drinking it during your flight will keep you from catching a cold while breathing recycled air in the cabin, which helps to make sure your vacation is healthy.

 Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer

Coming down with a headache – or even worse, a fever, can turn any vacation sour. Keeping a bottle of these meds in your toiletry kit can help your symptoms disappear quicker, giving you back your vacation.

A Mini First-Aid Kit

Anything can happen on a vacation, including skinned knees, blisters and splinters. It’s always good to have a mini first-aid kit packed with band-aids, Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, gauze and tweezers. This way you will be prepared to patch yourself up quickly, and get back to living the good life.

Medique 77501 International Traveler First Aid Kit with Polybags


Packing an antacid is essential if one of your favorite things to do on vacation is to try the local cuisine. Keeping these meds on-hand will let you enjoy every spicy and exotic food you try, without regretting it later.


Taking daily herbal vitamins and supplements is a great natural form of preventative medicine. If you take vitamins regularly at home, be sure to bring them along on your trip. If you’re new to herbal supplements, Echinacea and Vitamin C will help keep your immune system strong, helping you enjoy your vacation without catching a cold.


One of the best ways to stay naturally healthy is to be active, so incorporating physicality into your trip is a must. By packing a pair of sneakers, hiking boots, dancing shoes or even flippers you can boost your overall health while on vacation.

 Essential Oils

How about taking Essential Oils that can cover a multitude of these issues? I take Thieves oil to boost my immune system and disinfect the tray on the plane, Peppermint oil for headaches and tummy upsets, Frankincense oil for motion sickness and Lavender oil for stress relief, cuts and scraps and soothing sunburn!

Make this summer’s vacation your healthiest one yet. By packing items that will help you prevent, avoid, reduce and cure any health problems you may encounter, you can ensure a happier and fuller vacation. So, pack your bags, take flight and enjoy your getaway even more knowing you’re fully prepared.

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Sandy J Duncan
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