8 Ways to Purify Your Home Air Naturally


When most people hear the word “air pollution”, they tend to have images of smog-filled cities or factory smoke stacks. However, indoor in pollution, especially around the home, can also be a major problem, particularly for the very old, the very young, and those with compromised immune systems or respiratory problems. Below, find out about eight different ways to help purify the air in your home naturally.

Increase Ventilation

This many sound obvious, but one of the best ways to improve home air quality is to increase the ventilation and get the air moving. This can be done pretty easily by simply opening windows and airing the place out or adding extra vents to increase air circulation.

Consider Natural “Air Conditioning”

Air conditioners can be a major source of molds and other contaminants of air in the home. Naturally alternatives to air conditioning include increasing the use of ceiling fans, investing in home treatments which make it more energy efficient and even planting trees around your house for added shade.

Buy an Indoor Air Filter

HEPA filters can be purchased for the home to help purify the air and are wonderful at removing air contaminants, common ones being pet dander, dust, mold and other substances which need to be removed. It is important, though, to change these filter regularly.

Eliminate Pollution Sources

While HEPA filters are great, an even better way to purify your air is to discover what is contaminating your home in the first place and cut it off at its source. Culprits for indoor pollution include excessive dampness, smoking, or the accumulation of dust.

Burn Beeswax Candles

These naturally made candles are not only incredibly attractive, but burning them will also help to purify your home because they are naturally ionizers and will neutralize a variety of toxic compounds in the air.

Use a Salt Lamp

One particular salt which is great for air purification is Himalayan pink salt. Used in a salt lamp, these compounds will pull toxins and other contaminants from the air, thus making your home a safer and cleaner place be!

Consider Activated Charcoal

Like the Himalayan pink salt, activated charcoal is a natural air purifier and can be purchased in the form of air filter to help keep the air in your home as safe as possible.

House Plants

Having plants around the house can also be agreed and natural ways to make sure the air in your home stays fresh. Some plants which are extra good for air quality include the butterfly palm, the rubber tree, the peach lily and the chrysanthemum.

So if air pollution is a concern for you, consider some of the measures above to help keep the air in your home fresh, cleaner and freer of molds, pet hair and other unwanted substances which can lead to respiratory and other health problems.

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