8 Warning Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency


Vitamins and minerals are important for the overall health of the body, and of those Vitamin C is probably one of the most vital. Most people know that it helps to strengthen the immune system and help ward off illness. However, it does much more than that: it also contributes to the growth of cells, promotes good circulatory health and generally contributes to the body’s ability to develop and maintain itself. A deficiency in this nutrient, therefore, can be a serious issue, though that issue can be treated through diet and supplementation; a list of eight warning signs of this deficiency is given in the paragraphs below.


People with low levels of Vitamin C often report getting tired easily even after a good night’s rest and an overall reduced energy level. However, because fatigue can be related to a variety of symptoms, Vitamin C deficiency can be hard to diagnose based on this alone.

Mood Changes

This deficiency can also affect one’s emotional state, and those with this issue can frequently report being short-tempered or easily irritated, even if it is otherwise out of character for them.

Weight Loss

Low levels of Vitamin C can also lead to unexplained weight loss and can even cause someone to become underweight. This sort of “wasting” is common in many nutrient deficiencies.

Body Ache

A dull, throbbing ache in the muscles and/or joints can also signal a nutrient deficiency such as Vitamin C, although sometimes this symptom can go unnoticed or be mistaken for other conditions like arthritis.


Another sign that may indicate that there is a problem with Vitamin C levels is if someone bruises easily. If you notice that you are developing bruising even from very light bumps, or if you have unexplained bruises that you do not remember getting, this should be reported to your doctor.

Oral Conditions

Because Vitamin C is so necessary for good oral health, then a lack of it can cause problems like gum deterioration. In the olden days, this condition was known as scurvy and it is a sign that the deficiency is fairly severe.

Dry Hair and Skin

Hair that is dry, even when conditioned, and skin that is dry, irritated or reddened despite the use of lotions or moisturizers, could also be an indication that Vitamin C levels are not sufficient.


Because Vitamin C is necessary for a strong and healthy immune system, a lack of this nutrient can lead to an immune system that is compromised and can make it much easier for you to develop colds, flus and other infections more frequently.

If you have two or more of the symptoms described above, it is a good idea to make an appointment to discuss these concerns with your doctor. A simple blood test can reveal with your levels of Vitamin C are in a healthy range and, if they are not, you can discuss a plan of care that will help to correct it before it leads to a serious compromise of your health.

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