8 Urine Colors that Reveal Important Things About Your Health


Urine is a sterile liquid and is the product of wastes that are filtered in the kidneys from the blood, then expelled from the body when a person urinates. Urination is, therefore, an important part of the body’s natural detoxification process which has evolved to keep the body from a build-up of toxins in the blood which can lead to serious, long-term health problems.

Regularly looking at one’s urine, therefore, is an excellent way of gauging the overall health of the body. Color and other aspects of its appearance such as whether or not it is murky – are important. Below is a guide to different urine colors and what they could indicate about the body’s health.

Pale Yellow or Clear

This is the ideal color for urine and is an indication that the body is well-hydrated, the kidneys are in good working order and that there is likely no infections brewing in the urinary tract. This is the color that should be strived for most of the time.

Dark Yellow

This is a sign of mild dehydration and indicates that a person needs to increase their intake of water soon in order to correct this fluid imbalance. Mild dehydration is pretty easily corrected through oral intake alone.

Amber or Honey-Colored

This is a sign of more severe dehydration and water should be drunk immediately to help correct this problem; if this dehydration is allowed to continue, it could result in a trip to the emergency room for IV fluids, since oral hydration is often not enough to treat this severe fluid imbalance.

Syrup or Brown Ale-Colored

This could be a sign of either severe dehydration or an indication of liver disease or dysfunction. If this color of urine is noticed, increase fluid intake and continue to monitor. If the color persists, this should be reported to the doctor right away.

Pink or Reddish Urine

This can result from the consumption of foods like beets, berries or rhubarb, but is absence of that, it could also be an indication of kidney disease, urinary tract infection or prostate problems for males. It should be reported to the doctor.


Orange urine can also indicate dehydration, but also can be caused by liver or bile duct problems. It should be reported to the doctor. However, note that if someone is taking the urinary drug pyridium, that orange urine is an expected side effect and nothing to be worried about.

Green or Blue

While it sounds strange, this is not something to be worried about, as this color of urine is nearly always caused by something that has been eaten or drunk, especially foods which contain artificial colors that pass through the urinary tract.

Murky-Colored Urine

Urine that is murky is appearance should be reported as it can indicate the presence of mucous or bacteria in the urine which in turn can be a sign of kidney problems or an infection somewhere in the urinary tract.

So, strange as it sounds, it is a good idea to monitor the urine regularly and to report any unusual changes in appearance or color, as this often can be an indication of a potentially serious underlying medical condition.

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