8 Steps to Regain Cognitive Function and Prevent Dementia


8 Steps to Regain Cognitive Function and Prevent Dementia

  1. It is imperative that you balance your blood sugar. Eat real non-processed foods that are low-glycemic for starters. Reduce or remove refined carbs, sugar, caffeine, processed foods, dairy, alcohol (limit) and vegetable oil such as canola. Replace these with great choices like avocados, walnuts, almonds, cashews, grass-fed meats, free range chicken and eggs.
  2. Add an abundance of the healthy fats that make your brain function better. These include omega 3 fats found in wild caught fish such as salmon, avocados, whole eggs, nuts and seeds. Be sure and use coconut oil and extra-virgin olive oil in your food preparation and add to salad dressings. More is better.
  3. Exercise every single day. Experts agree that even a 30-minute walk will make a huge difference in overall health. If you already do mild exercise you may want to take it up a notch and include some more intensive strength training or weight lifting. Research continues to prove physical activity can prevent or at least reduce cognitive decline and the early stages of dementia.

Don’t forget to exercise your brain. Here are some specific new activities to give your brain a work out and should incorporate all 5 senses: (Natural News Blog: Brain Work Out and Neurogenesis)

  • Writing or holding a utensil in your non-dominant hand
  • Walking down the hallway with your eyes closed
  • One leg balance exercises
  • Spend time outside smelling plants and flowers
  • Eat foods with lots of color to stimulate your visual senses
  • Feel the texture of different objects such as rocks, shells, etc
  1. Give your brain what it needs to succeed. Even with the best of diets, supplements are a good idea. Consider taking a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement including Magnesium, an Omega 3 along with extra B6, B12, folate and vitamin D3. Also eat yogurt or take a good probiotic to support the brain-gut connection.
  2. Hormones play a very important role in brain function. Consider having your hormone and thyroid levels checked. And following the necessary protocol to bring them back into balance.
  3. Heavy metal, mercury, fluoride and toxic chemical exposure is unavoidable. Plan to do a simple detox program regularly to give your brain a chance to function optimally. Consider having these levels checked by your physician.
  4. Reduce and manage your stress. Chronic stress wreaks havoc on your body and your brain. You must find a way to reduce the stress and find ways to diffuse it properly if you want to prevent dementia. Learn deep breathing techniques, take up the daily habit of meditation, learn simple yoga stretches or take a walk when things heat up.  Find what works for you in order to stop the cycle of stress. Here are 10 simple tips to reduce stress.
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep every night. Studies show poor sleep becomes a risk factor for cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Aim for at least 8 hours of quality sleep every night. (Natural News blog: Why can’t I sleep)

Even if you aren’t suffering from senior moments or concerned about dementia, you should take action now to prevent premature aging of your brain and optimize your brain health.

Sandy J. Duncan is an author, health and wellness coach, freelance writer, Mompreneur of 5 teenagers and her blogs include AllNaturalHealthReviews.org and Got-Oils.com.



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