8 Reasons Why Russia Prefers Republican Administrations in the U.S.


The mainstream media, chasing its tail as usual with the “Russians involved in American elections” nothingburger, claim that there’s a behind-the-scenes debate in national security circles as to whether the Russians prefer Republican or Democratic presidential administrations in the United States. As an outside observer free of any security clearances, below are some reasons why Russia just might indeed “vote Republican”:

  1. Republicans are more likely to respect national history and the Founding Fathers. Washington’s Farewell Address, for example, outlines a “live and let live” foreign policy that benefits both Americans and Russians by maximizing peace and commerce free of “entangling alliances.” Russia helped the American colonists during the 1776 War for Independence, after all. The Democrats, in contrast, ignore the Founders and want to trade away American sovereignty.
  2. Republicans put America First; Democrats back multilateralism. When America “goes it alone,” it’s easier for the Russians (and everyone else) to understand our behavior and intentions. Multilaterally-inclined Democrats who say “let’s you and him fight” on the global stage cause uncertainty and chaos. People act differently when in groups or with friends versus when they are alone. The Democrats basically promote an international “mob mentality.”
  3. The hotness factor: Russian women are attractive, and so are American conservative women. Bill O’Reilly was correct when he pointed out what’s wrong in the looks department on the other side of the aisle–Maxine Waters (D) certainly does appear to be wearing a James Brown wig.
  4. Russians and Republicans both respect traditional values. In Russia, feminists and LGBTs are agitators and problem children. At home in America, the Democrats have pink genitalia hats and San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi.
  5. President Trump re-activated the Keystone and Dakota pipelines because he understands that natural resources are here for us to use for the benefit of our citizens. Russia, likewise, is a petrostate that extracts natural gas and sells it to Western Europe. The Democrats, on the other hand, refuse to tap our energy resources due to their radical environmentalist ideology.
  6. Democrats know that they’re perceived as being soft on the national defense question. They’re more likely to overcompensate to prove that they’re not wimps, thereby starting a war. We truly dodged a bullet when Hillary Clinton was defeated–her impulse to prove that she’s “as strong as a man” would surely have led to a nuclear war. People who are truly strong don’t feel the need to constantly prove it.
  7. Anti-communism: Russians and Republicans both see communism as a mistake. Vladimir Putin understands that Russia lost a lot of ground (literally), human lives, and other resources between 1917 and 1991. This is why Putin has mandated that the works of Solzhenitsyn be read by Russian high school students to ensure that this mistake is never repeated, as M.S. King points out in his research. Democrats, of course, think that communism deserves another chance when implemented by “the right people.”
  8. Republicans and Russians share a healthy sense of humor. President Reagan joked about bombing Russia over an open mic. And the Russians recently played an April Fool’s Prank on the Western (controlled) media by releasing a recording of their embassy’s telephone VRU in which options for hacking and election interference are offered. And the Democrats remain humorless schoolmarms.



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