8 Reasons Why Raisins should be Added More to your Diet


It seems that no one is unfamiliar with raisins. In fact, raisins are made of fresh and delicious grapes, therefore, they have an attractively appealing taste which can passionate anyone. However, benefits of raisins do not stop at culinary values because raisin consumption can also produce numerous health-supporting effects.

In this article, readers are provided with top 8 outstanding health benefits of raisins.

1. Constipation

The massive benefits of raisins make it an ideal solution for constipation. By adding more bulk into the food and aiding foods to travel in intestinal system smoothly, raisin may help with constipation treatment a lot. More than this, a great amount of insoluble fiber in raisin will be responsible for reducing loose stools as well as lowering diarrhea frequency well.

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2. Weight Gain

It is highly certain that weight number ia always the matter of concern for many people. While some feel not satisfactory with their obesity, others eager to improve their weight number. For anyone who want to gain weight naturally without much time, energy and effort, raisin is a great solution. In comparison to other dried fruits, raisins can help people gain weight in a healthy way. To specify, raisin is a great energy supplier thanks to its abundant source of fructose and glucose. As a result, raisin intake will increase appetite, making people gain weight naturally.

3. Cancer

When it comes to benefits of raisins, many people mention its ability to prevent cancer. Nowadays, it is regretful to witness an increasing number of people dying for cancer. In fact, free radicals are deciding factors which lead to the appearance of cancer. Interestingly, catechins in raisins may control the development of free radicals inside the body system. Thus, it is believed that by adding more raisins into your diet and people may prevent cancerous formation to some extent.

4. Hypertension

One mechanism behind benefits of raisins is its capability of reducing hypertension. Loading with an excellent source of patassium, raisins are able to lower pressure on blood vessels. As a result, people can eat raisins as a simple way to lower pressure and support cardiovascular health. More importantly, dietary fiber in raisins can do good at lowering blood vessel stiffness, making it an ideal solution to hypertension.

5. Diabetes

One of the most popular health benefits of raisins is to regulate diabetes, especially diabetes type 2. Result from some research has concluded that raisin intake is really beneficial for insulin level regulation – the main reason which can trigger diabetes. Therefore, it is logical to understand that raisin can have positive influence on the condition of diabetes.

6. Anemia

Anemia indicates a common health ailment which takes place in older people. Generally, iron deficiency is mainly responsible for the appearance of anemia. Serving as a powerhouse of iron, raisins are said to help with anemia a lot. Furthermore, a great source of B-vitamins and copper in raisins can also increase blood cell count, which is so good for people’s health. Thus, it is easy to conclude that benefits of raisins also include anti-anemia qualities.

7. Visual Health

Raisins are also used as a miracle food for eye health. It is a huge amount of phytonutrients in raisins that make raisins good for vision. Specifically, this substance can be effective at neutralizing free radical’s acitivities. Hence, patients of cataracts, macular degeneration and many other eye-related issues are advised to include more raisins in their daily diet.

8. Bone Health

Raisins contain a valuable source of calcium. Therefore, raisins are absolutely health food for bone health. Moreover, raisins are packed with a good source of boron – one of the most important micronutrient for bone system. Not only is boron necessary for bone formation, it is also able to foster calcium absorption. That explains why many people with osteoporosis should increase their raisin intake.

To conclude, raisins are an ideal choice for dessert which can bring about many beneficial health effects. Generally, raisins are quite safe to eat. However, the excessive raisin consumption may trigger unwanted weight gain due to its ability to produce calories.





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