8 Natural Remedies and Herbs You Can Count on Throughout Life


I’ve always wondered why there were so many different species and variations of plants in our planet, looking for a reason to tie it all together.

While I am still on that journey, significant realizations have been made that I want to share with you.

When analyzing all the different herbs, spices and foods in our world, I realized one particular thing that went overlooked far too long in my mind. That thing is that we’re all connected and part of the same planet, eat the same food, breathe the same air.

Should there be something that causes imbalance, there should also be something that causes the opposite effect.

With fire there’s water, and for flowers there’s bees. If you’re lacking in something, it’s as easy as looking for the thing in our planet that will fulfill your void.

That is to say, food is our medicine – you just have to find the right one for your need.

Since most diseases and illnesses begin in the gut, what we consume in our diets is the most important thing to look at when trying to analyze our own health.

Without further ado, here are my top 8 natural remedies and herbs that will help with many of life’s common ailments.

Top 8 Natural Remedies, Herbs and Vitamins

ProbioticsProbiotics are especially great for promoting good digestion and overall gut health. They help your body digest food, fight off bacteria, and a variety of other things that are beneficial for you.

As stated earlier, most diseases and infections stem from our guts, making maintaining good gut health one of the highest priorities you should have on your lists.

Apple Cider VinegarA staple for any home, apple cider vinegar offers a variety of benefits for many different ailments. Its properties are great for fighting off a variety of bacteria and other viruses.

It’s especially useful for skin ailments; rashes, fungi, etc. It has potent anti-bacterial properties that make it an efficient home remedy for a plethora of different things.

Black Seed OilMany westerners are unaware of this potent herb that is very common worldwide. It has deep historical roots, and has even more astonishing properties.

Black seed oil is used for almost everything; hair health, skin health, brain health, heart health and many other things. Although it is unknown to many, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most potent natural remedies that exist today.

KombuchaThis age-old fermented tea contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Its an effective drink that’s commonly used for detoxification purposes, as well as treating things like ulcers and digestive problems.

Fish OilSince one of the 10 leading causes of death in the US is omega 3 fatty acid deficiency, it’s becoming ever more important to make sure you are getting the omegas your body needs. While it may seem like a new supplement for many, it’s actually been around for quite a while.

Castor OilWhile it’s used in many soaps, cosmetics and massage oils, castor oil provides many medicinal benefits that do wonders for your body internally too.

Since many use castor oil for the hair and skin benefits it provides, they’ll be happy to know that it’s also an anti-microbial anti-inflammatory oil with potent vitamins and minerals as well.

BiotinBiotin benefits more than just our essential hair, nail, and skin; in fact, it can have an impact to our soft organs such as eyes, eye lashes, eyes brows, and even beard growth in men.

Argan OilLast but not least, one of the most favorite natural hair and skin remedies that’s used by millions worldwide for its potent replenishing properties. While predominantly known for the benefit it provides your hair, it’s also a great anti-inflammatory oil as well.

My key takeaway is that there is a solution for every problem we have, we just have to know where to look for it.

Since most of us are usually suffering from the wrong dietary choices, it’ll be easier to add the listed remedies and supplements due to the multifold benefits they provide.

Keep in mind however that my list is still growing, and I’ll be sure to add on to it as I make more discoveries.


What have you found to be an effective natural remedy in your life?


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