8 Natural Remedies to get rid of pimples


Everyone hates pimples. Trust me. Pimples not only have an impact on on your skin and how it looks, but can lower your self esteem and your confidence levels and make even the most social person antisocial if they are sensitive on their looks. Most commonly, pimples appear when we least expected. Well, before I tell you the remedies that can actually help you get rid of those pimples. Lets first ask ourselves this question. What causes pimples?

Pimples are mostly caused by dead skin cells left behind that accumulate causing pore blockage. Sebum which is produced by the sebaceous gland accumulates and since sebum has bacteria [this bacteria is linked to acne], feeds off the sebum hence leading to inflammation of the skin. This is mostly true during puberty when a lot of sebum is produced. That is why most teens suffer from acne breakouts. Well you could not be a teenager, but if you find yourself having a few zits to deal with, below are some natural remedies you can find in your home to help you get rid of those pimples. Natural ways to get rid of pimples fast include;

Tea Tree Oil

With its antibacterial and soothing properties tea tree is known to dry out whiteheads and help fight off the bacteria responsible for acne. Just dip a cotton ball in tea tree oil and apply to the affected area and leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off.

Use Lemon

Lemon another is acidic which helps kill the bacteria and it drys out pimples faster. Just dip a cotton ball and apply to the affected area before going to bed and leave it overnight. Rinse off in the morning. Be sure to use lemon with caution if you have a sensitive skin.


Toothpaste has the ability to dry out pimple and reduce its size. This is absolutely not ideal for people who are suffering from severe acne problems because it can irritate your skin. Using the tip of your finger, apply a little amount on the affected area and leave it overnight. Rinse first thing in the morning. Make sure it is white toothpaste.


Garlic can be your favorite spice in the kitchen but can help you get rid of those zits. Garlic is a good anti-bacteria and it also has sulfur which helps heal pimples faster. Just cut garlic and gently rub it onto the affected areas and wait for a few minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process for effective results at least twice a day.

Baking soda

Baking soda is also effective in removal of pimples fast because it helps remove excess oils, dirt and dead skin cells which are a major culprit in pimple formation. Just take one part baking soda and add a little amount of water to make a paste. Rub the paste onto your skin and wait for a few minutes before washing your face. Remember not to leave it for too long because it can dry out the skin.


With its anti-inflammation properties, aspirin has the ability to fight off pimple and make it less visible. Just make a paste and apply on the affected areas and leave it overnight.

Sea Salt

This is a good remedy to use overnight if you want super fast results. Just add a little water on two tablespoonfuls of sea salt and apply onto the affected area and leave overnight. It helps dry pimple out faster and reduce its visibility.


Honey is a good antibiotic. It has the ability to kill acne causing bacteria and prevent infections. Just dip a cotton ball and apply directly onto the affected areas and wash off after 10-15 minutes. Remember to repeat this process at least twice a day for effective results.

These are just but a few ways that can actually help you get rid of those zits either overnight or within a day or two, depending on the seriousness of your situation. Just keep in mind that, a healthy diet, washing your face twice daily, drinking lots of water can go a long way to keeping your skin healthy, clear and blemish free.

Ron Yahaloms