8 Monday Morning Habits of Successful People You Should Adopt


Monday: it’s a day many people dread because it signals the beginning of the work week for most. Going into a Monday with that attitude, though, is likely to put you in a negative mood for the entire day. Instead, why not view Mondays as a new beginning? It’s a chance to get back out there and succeed. While you may not necessarily want your weekend to end, it will, so you might as well embrace Monday. Many successful people have. They start their work week out with a number of habits that put them in the right frame of mind to get ahead. Here are eight of these habits that you should consider adopting.

  1. They Start the Day Early

These successful people don’t hit the snooze button multiple times or have an alarm set for the last possible minute. Instead, they’re up early so they have plenty of time to get ready for the day, eat breakfast, take care of any chores they need to do, and still have plenty of time to make it to work. They ignore that little voice that says sleeping for a few more minutes isn’t a problem.

Being up early gives them time to really wake up. They also don’t have to rush, don’t stress if traffic is backed up, and have some peaceful time to themselves before the Monday rush starts.

  1. They Eat Breakfast

You’ve probably heard multiple times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many people take the time to really eat a healthy breakfast? Many grab an energy bar or something similar, but those meals on the go are often not very healthy at all. If you get up early, you should have plenty of time to make yourself a healthy breakfast that includes a serving of fruit and a source of protein.

  1. They Get Motivated

Instead of dreading Monday, these successful people take a little bit of time to motivate themselves. They get pumped up for the week, so they feel like they can take on anything. Some people spent a little time reading a motivational book, while others listen to motivational speakers on their way to work. Taking this time to get motivated will change your entire perspective on Monday and on the work week in general.

  1. They Exercise

You don’t have to go to the gym the first thing Monday morning to start your week off right, but you should get up and move around. Successful people have more energy, think clearer, and feel happier on Mondays because they exercise before work. All you need to do is spend about 20 minutes doing a physical activity. You can go jogging around the block, lift weights, do pushups, or any combination of different exercises. What’s important is that you get those endorphins flowing.

  1. They Don’t Get Lost in a Sea of Emails

Dealing with your email inbox may be one of the most dreaded things you have to do on Monday morning, but highly successful people don’t let themselves get bogged down in all of those unimportant messages that came in over the weekend. Instead, they create filters that send all the junk messages to another folder, leaving only the important items for them to deal with. It’s also worth taking the time to unsubscribe from email lists or newsletters that you never read.

If you’re tired of spending too much time in your inbox on Monday, this is a great way of clearing it out. It also helps prevent you from missing important messages that might get lost in the clutter or accidentally get deleted.

  1. They Leave Time for Emergencies

While it’s important to have a schedule to help you navigate through the day, you also need to leave yourself some unscheduled time to deal with emergencies and other unexpected things. Mondays are often filled with sudden tasks that you weren’t expecting to deal with, so it’s always a good idea to have a little extra time in your schedule so you don’t have to bump anything back.

  1. They Say Hello to Everyone Face to Face

It’s important to say hello or good morning to your coworkers every day, but it’s especially important to do so on Monday. Those people who hate Mondays are likely to be dragging or feeling worn out even though the day hasn’t even really started yet. Saying good morning and spending just a little bit of time talking to them can help reinforce that sense of team and community.

This will also help you. As you interact with others, you’ll pick up on some of their emotions and energy, too. You’ll feel reconnected with your team and ready to work with them to battle whatever comes your way. Even if you don’t have time to talk to someone, remember that a genuine smile is often all it takes to brighten someone’s day.

  1. They Take Time to Prepare

If your previous Friday afternoon went as planned, you should walk into a clean desk and nicely organized projects. If it didn’t, take a little time on Monday morning to organize your desk and prepare for the day and the week. Being organized will help ensure you don’t waste time trying to find documents, emails, and other items you need for meetings or projects.

Also, take this time to update your current projects and your to-do list. Look at where you stand on each project and what needs to get done during the coming week in order to stay on deadline. Add these items to your to-do list along with any related tasks that need to get done.

You may also want to set goals. Highly successful people have several goals they want to accomplish each day and each week. Weekly goals give them something to work towards. This creates a series of small achievements they can celebrate throughout the week, giving them a morale boost and propelling them towards the next goal. On Friday afternoon, they can take pride in the goals they achieved, even if they didn’t achieve them all.

Zara Jones
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