8 home remedies for irregular period


An irregular period is a reality that every woman on the planet hopes not to experience. Contrary to a normal menstrual cycle that runs for 21-35 days with only a week’s bleeding; Irregular periods run for over 35 days and can be really uncomfortable for women. However you do not need to worry any more as with these 10 home remedies you will have less of these uncomfortable periods:

Anise Seeds:

Anise seeds-these are seeds that derive their origin from Asia and America. It is believed to be one of the best remedies in producing regular periods. It works by easing menstrual flow and stopping the heavy blood flow. But how does it work? To be effective; you need to take 1 cup of anise solution every day until the menstrual flow normalizes.

Cinnamon (Crushed):

Cinnamon especially in its crushed form is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects and it also increases the body temperatures. These two effects are responsible for reducing menstrual cramps as well as stabilizing the menstrual cycle. To be effective-take a cup of the crushed cinnamon in boiling water every day (You could honey to make it sweet).


The juicy contents of parsley when ground into juice, can be really effective in reducing menstrual flow. Parsley contains a substance called apiol that normalizes and regulates blood flow. Hence a cup of parsley juice every day could see your menstrual cycle normalizing.

Aloe vera:

Aloe Vera stands out as a home remedy for many illnesses, and this does not exclude irregular blood flow. When taken every morning before breakfast Aloevera will provide a normal menstrual flow by regulating the menstrual hormones like estrogen.


A cup of ginger added to warm water taken 3 times every day will normalize your blood flow. Ginger induces the menstrual period-hence reducing the time lapse between periods, it also helps reduce cramps. Hence its one of the best home remedies for women who experiences irregular menstrual cycles coupled with pain.

Bitter Gourd:

Bitter gourd is good for people who love bitter taste. It is endowed with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties which are vital in normalizing irregular blood flows. If ground into juice and taken in doses of 1 cup every day bitter gourd could be exactly what you need to stop the irregular cycles.

Unripe Papaya

Unripe papaya helps to contract the muscles of the uterus, thus making the menstruation light and steady. Therefore, taking a cup of unripe papaya juice will help ease your menstruation irregularity.

Sesame seeds:

Sesame has similar properties to cinnamon; increasing the body’s heat, whose effect is bringing the periods earlier, easing muscle fiber contraction and reducing cramp pains. However cinnamon is taken in its powdery form, wherefore it is mixed with honey and taken in teaspoonfuls.


Grapes play a big role in regulating menstruation. They act by reducing blood flow hence regulating the menstruation. Grapes are a good way for staying healthy and at the same time regulating your menstrual flow. It only takes eating a handful of grapes alongside grape juice. If you love sweet remedies this is your best choice.

Powdery Turmeric:

Lastly we have turmeric powder. It just does a fantastic job when it comes to regulation of your menstruation. It works by balancing the body hormones. In addition, its inflammatory properties help reduce menstrual pain. You only need to take a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder alongside a teaspoon of honey in a glass of milk until the irregular menstrual cycle eases.

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