8 Healthy Ways To Fight Drowsiness At Work


Have you been nodding off at work again? Do you find yourself always feeling distracted between tasks? Sitting in front of the computer for a straight eight hours can take a toll on one’s body. Stress, eye strain, and fatigue can make your work life a nightmare. If you experience this on a daily basis, it can eventually result in poor performance. Need a quick fix? The following are tips to make sure you’re always at your best at work.

1. Take a Short Walk or Use the Stairs

Give your system an instant energy boost by moving your legs. A short walk on a sunny day can do wonders for your body. When light reaches the pineal gland in our forehead, our body slows the production of melatonin, the hormone which makes us feel sleepy. If you’re on the topmost floor and don’t have that much time for a quick walk outside, you can move your body and do a little workout by simply using the stairs.

2. Block Distracting Websites

If you find yourself surfing the internet instead of doing that data analysis at 2 pm, maybe it’s time to block those sites you keep visiting. There are many apps that can help you block time-wasting websites to help you stay focused. If you have trouble keeping distractions away, you can also set your workspace in a quiet zone away from TV or family members.

3. Have a Light Lunch

Most of us skip breakfast on our hurry to work in the morning, so we compensate by pigging out during lunch time. However, this is a bad idea. Remember that your body needs energy when digesting a large meal and eating too many wastes a lot of energy in digestion. When your body needs energy for digestion, blood is diverted away from other organ systems, including your nervous system. This can cause tiredness and sleepiness. That’s why you feel like napping every after a meal.

4. Turn On Your Playlist

Tune into that special song you love that instantly wakes up your nerves and brain. Studies have shown that music can trigger emotional responses in the brain. It can boost your energy and awake your concentration. You can also download special focus-boosting ringtones in various free music download sites. Remember that the best energy-boosting music are the ones that has an upbeat melody and fixed tempo.

5. Chew Gum

The act of chewing can trick your brain into thinking your body is about to eat. When you chew on something your body will release insulin which can help you stay alert. Stimulation of the facial muscles can also increase blood flow to the head, which helps you stay awake.

6. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to enhance your focus. Just like the saying “practice makes perfect”, through meditating you’ll learn how to concentrate better. Studies have found that people who meditated even for just 20 minutes a day, performed better at work or school.

7. Caffeine

Grab a cup of joe if you’re feeling a little sleepy. Other caffeinated substance such as cola, tea, and energy drinks can also do the trick. For people with chronic fatigue, caffeine can help restore energy and focus. However, it’s very important not to get too addicted to caffeine or you might get jitters which will further reduce your concentration.

Armela Escalona
Armela Escalona is a blogger, freelance writer, and content marketer. Her works have been published in various blogs, websites and magazines on the web. Find her on Twitter @ArmelaE.