8 Good Reasons to Drink Apple Ginger Kombucha (With Recipe)


This apple ginger kombucha is a sweet fermented tea drink, it tastes yummy and good for you due to its main properties, including detoxification, antioxidation, promotion of boosting immunity and energy.

There are several reasons the kombucha is super good for your health based on research. It is wonderful at supporting the body in various ways:

1. Aids in digestion

Kombucha contains probiotics, enzymes and beneficial acids, which have been proven to help your digestive system break down food and absorb nutrients as well. It also helps alleviate some stomach and digestive issues, including Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease and Candida.

2. Full of vitamins

Kombucha is full of C and B-Vitamins. B-vitamins help boost metabolism and are also linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. Both of C and B-vitamins are essential to the prevention and treatment of many other conditions too.

3. Detoxifying

Kombucha is full of antioxidants, which is beneficial to the liver and aids its natural detoxification.

4. Boosts the immune system

We all know that no bad bacteria means no infection, and also means that you stay healthy with a strong immune system. And what you have to know is that probiotics fight bad bacteria and also provide an environment that the bad bacteria can not grow.

5. Promotes weight loss

Although we need more studies to confirm that kombucha can boost weight loss, but it is actually improving metabolism and limiting fat accumulation. Also, it’s high in acetic acid, a compound rich in apple cider vinegar, has been proven to help boost weight loss.

6. Maintains healthy joints

Kombucha has been used to prevent and treat arthritis and joints pain due to the glucosamine it contains, which helps keep your joints healthy.

7. Boosts energy

Iron is released from the black tea during the fermentation process, and it also contains rich B-vitamins, both of which can energize the body.

8. Battles cancer

It is said that kombucha helps to prevent the formations of certain types of cancerous cells.

Homemade Apple Ginger Kombucha


  • 1 gallon home-brewed kombucha
  • 2 tablespoons fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated
  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 8 Dried apple rings (one apple ring per bottle)
  1. Choose a sterilized pitcher and put all of the ingredients except apple rings in it. Mix them well.
  2. Sterilize eight screw top glass bottles, you can wash them through the dishwasher.
  3. Chop up the dried apples and place one in each bottle.
  4. Pour the kombucha into the bottles, leaving space at the top.
  5. Seal the bottles and keep them in a warm, dark place for 2 to 3 days. And then place the bottles in the refrigerator.
  6. Before drink, strain all of the ginger pulp, apple rings and a small SCOBY which have formed during the secondary fermentation out first. Enjoy.

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