8 Air Purifying Plants to Naturally Clear Toxins From Your Home


Are you familiar with the term “Sick building Syndrome”? If not, you better be, as it could primarily be the explanation for your constant queasy feeling, be it your work place, your own apartment or of some close friend. People with “Sick building syndrome (SBS)” report of acute health and comfort related frazzling effects on their well-being.

The baseline to their issue is indeed the poor indoor air quality and improper ventilation. Air contaminants, largely ignored by us, are one of the few other alarming risks to community health. There are various efficient ways for reducing pollutants and indoor gardens or houseplants may play a central role in diminishing them from the air, leaving it safer and healthier for us. Plants, in general, are a nature’s gift to life. Without them, life would never have existed.

Despite being tremendously important, we act lazy to bring them home believing they are the compound contributors of particulates to the atmosphere during effloresce period and are hectic liability. However, both of these concerns are dispelled immediately if the right choice is made during plant selection. Let’s take a look at a few of these worthy allies in our fight against pollutants.

1. Boston Fern

The Victorian era brought revolutionary modifications in the middle-class homes.The style was bold as people of that period considered it a prideful tradition to keep excessive items in their homes. Boston Fern vogue also began to been seen in houses for the first time during this fascinating decade. The feathery appearance of the plant with broad curvy fronds can add aesthetics to any corner of your house .

Effectiveness: Boston Fern is best known to purify the surrounding air from formaldehyde, a common house toxin. However some studies shows that it can filter soil for certain metals as well, such as arsenic and mercury. Formaldehyde in our homes can be found in wooden cabinets , furniture,  paneling etc.Formaldehyde at a certain exposure level can cause irritation to your skin, eyes, upper respiratory tract and in some cases to your gastro intestinal tract.

Recommendations: It is recommended to those who have no problem in tendin to plants as Boston Fern requires constant moisture and humidity for survival.

2. Spider Plant

One of the plants that serves you without any cost. Also called as an Airplane plant, it grows at a rapid pace and that too on its own as it has been described as the most adaptable plant. Spider plant can easily grow in a range of conditions and do not die unless the conditions are very extreme. The plant is of South African origin and is lavish, foliage enriched plant with insignificant bonny little white flowers and thin green leaves that can capture anyone’s attention on a first glance.

Effectiveness: This plant fights of toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and carbon monoxide in your house or work area. Most of these toxins are released from furniture in our houses especially the sofas, bedding and from the sanitary area. On exposure to these poisonous substances, a person can report of impaired respiratory functions, sore throat , mild central nervous system effects like headache, dizziness and inability to concentrate.

Recommendation: This plant helps with clearing the air from toxins and improves the air quality, it would work like a charm for people who work from home and want to increase their productivity. It is also recommended to people who have pets at home.

3. Garden Mum

Garden Mum as the name indicates is the mother of all naturally air purifying plants and its qualities interestingly have even been proven by NASA’s research. It is an exotic, multi colored foliage which is inexpensive and yet beneficial, what more can one ask for while selecting a house plant?

Effectiveness: These wondrous plants can remove a vast majority of toxins, more then any other houseplant. They filter off any ammonia, bezene, formaldehyde, xylene, toulene and many other polluting substances, which if exposed to humans can cause serious health issues such as organ damage and other health-related problems mentioned earlier.

Recommendation: This almost magical plant requires care as it needs regular sunlight and water so it’s not recommended for new comers who have no experience with plants before .

4. Rubber Plant

An almost mystical potted plant that starts performing its real function from the moment you buy and bring it home and gradually gets even better at its skill of pollutant removal. It is a predominantly green colored, tall (50 feet approx) plant and the leaves have a glossy leathery feel.

Effectiveness: The bold and beautiful plant provides moisture indoors, so it is best if kept during the dry weather. It aids in eliminating bio effluents, generated by the buildings and humans, such as carbon mono and di oxides and various volatile organic compounds contaminating the in-house environment. Hence protecting us  from systemic disorders –high blood pressure or influenza etc.

Recommendation: Avoid if you have pets or you are not a dedicated florist as when it comes to Rubber plant, crucial care which involves right amount of sunlight and water, is required.

5. English IVY

These beautiful decorative clinging evergreen plants are usually spotted along stair cases, near a window or trailing across the yards. Hedera Helix or English ivy is definitely a wise choice to make when selecting a natural purifying houseplant.

Effectiveness: It displays excellence while eliminating the house molds responsible for causing allergic reactions like asthma, psoriosis and watery eyes. It  keeps the surrounding air fresh and clean.

Recommendation: It is not difficult to grow or care for them. Simply put it in a place where the temperature is consistent and has sufficient light. One doesn’t always has to be a plant admirer to have them in your home.

6. Aloe Vera

A short or no stemmed,succulent, thick leaved plant that is famous for its anti –inflammatory effects and skin beautifying properties .Not only does it do wonders for your skin, but is also beneficial to the environment around you.

Effectiveness: Aloe Vera is said to decrease carbondioxide and formaldehyde from the surrounding air which indirectly secures you from throbbing headaches and laziness.

Recommendation: Definitely for the ones who feel insecure of being challenged for having a green thumb. Unbelievably easy and fast to grow and doesn’t require much care.

7. Dracaena

Having nearly 50 varieties, the colorful, strap-like appearing plant can’t be missed when talking about houseplant collection. Having a number of forms, it comes in distinct sizes thus making it easier and fun for you to choose according to your life style.

Effectiveness: Comparing its effectiveness to the Garden mum, plant removes trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene from the air .

Recommendation: A big NO to the ones having cats and dogs as pets. An easy-care plant to deal with, so any one can give it a chance for decorating their home and purifying its environment.

8. Peace Lilly

You can say “it is peaceful to have a Peace lilly”. An immensely beautiful, delicate plant with flowers whose nature is quiet resilient and forgiving especially when it comes to maintenance. It provides you with a fragrant ,highly fresh and clean oxygenated air, costing you just a few minutes of care. Isn’t that awesome?

Effectiveness: Peace lilies can remove obnoxious, harmful gases and toxins like ammonia, trichloroethylene, benzene and carbonmonoxide from your room.

Recommendation: Warning for the ones who are severely allergic to pollen and scents, as peace lilly flowers are known to shed pollen and give off a fragrance. Regarding their care, it can be said that you just have them and then forget them, even then they will still continue to serve you.