7 Wonderful Benefits of Methi


In today’s society, the food we consume plays a vital role in our health.  Maintaining good health and striving to eat a proper diet is very important with the busy lives we lead.  There are many vitamins, health additives, and other sources on the market which target improving our health.  There are few sources available, however which target many different health issues all wrapped into one product. The health benefits of methi are listed below.  Methi contains many benefits to assist those who are striving to maintain a good health status.

What is Methi?  

Methi leaves are found in fenugreek.  Methi is a natural source easily found and used often in India and other places throughout the world.  Methi when used in smaller quantities adds flavor to food dishes such as:

  • vegetable dishes
  • fruit dishes
  • bean dishes
  • casseroles

Methi is also used to enhance beauty and is a popular source of many beauty aids and products.  Methi not only is used for beauty and cooking, there are many other health benefits of methi as well.

Methi for Women’s Health

Methi is very popular for mothers who have chosen to nurse their baby.  It works as an aid to milk production in lactating nursing women.  It has also been used many times as inducer for childbirth.  Please note that excess amounts of the Methi can cause problems so seek advice before using.

Other issues that often arise in women are premenstrual cramping.  Methi is a popular choice to use for easing those cramps.  When it is used regularly within the diet, Methi can also cause enlargement  of the breasts in women by balancing hormones.

Methi for Heart Health

Heredity often plays a role in heart health.  Methi has been used to lower the level of cholesterol within the human body.  Good levels of cholesterol when maintained properly, can prevent heart disease.  Often people who include Methi in their diets do not require any other cholesterol medication.  Methi is a great source of potassium which is very important in heart healthy issues.

Methi for Diabetes

Galactomannan is a very important fiber that is soluble.  Having soluble fiber within the body is vital for those battling Diabetes.  This particular fiber source is found in Methi and it actually works in fighting Diabetes by slowing down the build up of sugar within the blood stream.  The fiber helps to flush it all out.

Ridding Harmful Toxins

Each and every day we consume many harmful toxins through the food we intake and digest.  Adding Methi to a regular diet assists in ridding the body of these harmful toxins by flushing them out of the system.   It is great to have in the body for proper digestion and breakdown of food.  Giving the body the necessary vitamins and nutrients while eliminating all of the harmful things are great health benefits of methi.

Sore Throats and Fever

When flu season comes around and the throat becomes sore and irritated, Methi is a must.  Using a small bit of this natural source, along with a spoonful of honey and lemon juice, will soothe the throat better than any other product available.  It works as an additive to protect and heal the irritation which is often caused by excess mucus drainage.  Taking a small bit of Methi will also reduce a fever to normal within a short time period.  Providing the needed nourishment is one of the health benefits of methi.

Weigh Loss

Including Methi within a regular diet is very beneficial to those seeking to lose weight.  Chewing up the seeds each morning will help in suppressing the appetite throughout the day.  They make the stomach fill full and therefore, the urge to eat is reduced a great deal.


We all want to look good and feel good.  There are many benefits for including Methi within the daily food routine.  Using a few seeds in the diet can help to provide beautiful skin.  Washing the skin daily with water and a few seeds will give the skin a healthy and youthful glow.

Staying healthy is very important.  There is no better way to do so than by using Methi.  The health benefits of methi are so numerous.  Begin today to use Methi in the food you eat and other usage as well.  Using small amounts of Methi can change your attitude about healthy living.

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